Declutter Tips for When You’re Overwhelmed With Too Much Stuff

How do you declutter when you don’t know where to start? If you’ve ever been in that place — or if you’re stuck or overwhelmed by the whole process — then these declutter tips and strategies for dealing with clutter are just for you!

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Before You Begin Decluttering

There are a few things you can do before you get rid of anything that will improve your chances of success and will make the process much easier.

The very first thing you have to do is Stop Being a Victim of Clutter, so be sure to check out this post about changing a victim mentality into a positive decluttering mindset.

9 Awesome Ways Your Life Will Become Simpler When You Declutter — This post will help you understand the benefits of decluttering, so you’ll want to begin right away!

There are times we tend to make excuses for our clutter, whether it’s conscious or not. These 4 Mindset Shifts to Help Clear Your Cluttered House will help you work past some of the problems you may be facing.

Are you desperate but too overwhelmed to even begin? Here are 3 things you can do when you’re overwhelmed by clutter and feel paralyzed. Think of them as ‘pre-decluttering’ steps to help you have a better chance of success later. 😉

7 Rules for Decluttering & How to Decide What to Keep — This simple list provides clear rules to help you quickly decide what to do when you’re faced with a pile of clutter.

There are many potential pitfalls when it comes to decluttering. Overthinkers tend to make a lot of them! 😉 Here are 7 decluttering mistakes you’ll want to avoid on your personal journey.

Where to Start Decluttering When Overwhelmed

When you declutter your home, you’re actually taking the first steps to organize your entire life. But sometimes just getting started can be the most overwhelming part of decluttering.

Exactly Where to Start Decluttering Your Home — Seriously. You asked. I answered. No more guessing where to begin, because this post tells you where, why, and how.

Before you do anything, build some motivation with words from others who have been in your place. These 30 Inspirational Decluttering Quotes will help get you in the mindset to attack the clutter immediately!

Sometimes all you need to get started are some tips for exactly what to do when you walk into a room. Try these 11 Top Tips For How to Start to Declutter a Room.

5 Baby Steps for Successful Decluttering That Don’t Require a Huge Time Commitment — Nobody wants to think about spending every minute of the day decluttering, so here are the first few things you’ll need to do to set yourself up for success. And you won’t have to spend more than 10 minutes a day, I promise!

If those baby steps aren’t quite what you’re looking for, here are 10 tiny tasks to clear your clutter that are sure to motivate you. It’s as easy as clearing ONE horizontal surface or ONE shelf at a time. Do all 10 things? You’ll be well on your way to a clutter-free and organized home!

27 Truly Easy Things To Declutter This Week — It’s easy to get overwhelmed when decluttering your space but you can start with these *really* easy things first and feel accomplished before moving on to more difficult tasks.

62 Things to Declutter That You Won’t Miss at All — be sure to read this post and grab the printable list so you can start tossing clutter without having to think about it.

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How a Decluttering Schedule Will Help You Conquer the Mess — If you’re ready to clear your house and regain your living space, developing a decluttering schedule you can stick to will be exactly what you need. Get some great ideas in this post!

There are times when a simple 30 day declutter challenge printable is all you need to begin your declutter journey. I’ve designed this printable to be used in multiple ways to get — and keep — your home clutter-free.

Like variety? Here are some ways to declutter that could spark your interest.

Declutter Tips

Developing your declutter skills will help you make better and faster decisions about everything… which is a major bonus if you’re an overwhelmed overthinker.

Not ready to declutter your entire house in a week? Then you’re going to love The Slow Declutter: A Lower-Stress Way to Clear Your Home — this is a no-mess way to clear the clutter. It’s by far my favorite method! Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

Or… maybe you ARE ready to declutter your entire house in a week? That means you need to get busy! How to Quickly Declutter a Room Every Day explains how to do a one-hour S.P.R.I.N.T. to clear the clutter from a room and stay motivated to get the job done.

This Declutter Plan of Action gives you actionable strategies for dealing with clutter, including a free printable mini declutter plan.

For those times when you need to fix part of the clutter problem immediately, Here’s How to Declutter Really Fast. I think of this as a last resort or special circumstances type of post, but it will help you when you need it (because life happens)!

So many people ask me about what to do when their husband refuses to declutter. Whether or not you personally have an issue with clutter, I’ve compiled a list of 8 things you can do to help your partner begin clearing clutter and — hopefully — keep peace in the home.

We all tend to keep things with memories attached. Giving yourself grace and space is important to successfully decluttering sentimental items. I recommend dealing with memorabilia after you’ve learned how to let go of ‘regular’ clutter. Then you can take the time to make good decisions about sentimental clutter.

More posts about decluttering:

Decluttering Your Closet and Bedroom

Ready to take on the job of downsizing your wardrobe? It doesn’t have to be that hard! Here’s How to Declutter Your Wardrobe by asking yourself the right questions, taking one step at a time, and letting go of the guilt.

When decluttering your wardrobe isn’t easy, it’s probably because you’re holding on to some things out of fear. Here are 9 Reasons You Fear Decluttering Clothes {And How to Get Past It}.

There are five major emotional reasons we make excuses to avoid decluttering clothes. And while the things we say may seem logical, we still need to learn to overcome the flawed thinking. Once that happens, it’s so much easier to get rid of unnecessary clothing.

And what about shoes? Your immediate reaction might be ‘you can never have too many shoes’ — but let’s be real. You know you have too many shoes when the closet is bursting at the seams and your budget feels like it’s been squeezed dry.

Over time, this can lead to a lot of guilt and a hot mess of mismatched pairs that are hard to find – or even remember! How do you even begin to deal with them? Let’s talk about how to declutter shoes with some simple strategies to make the job easier.

Once you’ve decluttered your closet, it’s much easier to declutter your room. Here’s how to declutter your bedroom in 10 simple steps.

Ready to take things a step further? If your bedroom still feels crowded even after you *think* you’re done clearing the clutter, you may be ready for a minimalist bedroom declutter. You’ll be surprised at how well your room functions and how relaxing it is to have even less stuff to take care of.

Don’t Forget About the ‘Other’ Spaces

How to Organize a Cluttered Garage — It’s time for an organized garage. You know it, I know it. You can regain control over the chaos that has taken over your garage! With decluttering tips, organizing ideas, and a handy checklist to keep you on task, you’ll soon have the clutter-free garage you deserve.

It’s time to declutter that cell phone. Here are some easy and effective ways for decluttering your cell phone and clearing out all those old pictures, unused apps, emails from years ago – ALL OF THEM. It will be sooo worth it when you’re done!

How to Declutter When Moving — There are so many things to think about when you move, and they can all become overwhelming. One of the most important steps is decluttering your home before moving day.

Decluttering will make packing easier because you’ll be able to focus on the essentials instead of hauling around every single thing in your house. Plus, it’s less stuff that has to get unpacked later — which means more time with family! To keep yourself on track, grab the printable checklist.

Declutter Your Life: 6 Things to Purge for More Intentional Living — Take a look at this blog post for some tips on how you can live lighter and in a simpler way that works for YOU.

So much of our everyday lives are filled with the clutter of the non-essential. But if we can whittle those things down, then we can get a clearer picture of what really matters to us and what we want to do or be. Let’s talk about simple ways to get started living intentionally today!

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What to Do With Your Stuff?

So you’ve started decluttering, but you have plenty of still-useful things that you want to go to a good home?

First, here’s How to Declutter and Donate Your Stuff Without Regret. I love donating, and I strongly believe everyone should try it as an alternative to trying to sell clutter. This post will show you exactly why and how to do that in a way that works for you.

Once you’ve made the decision to utilize the donation method, Where to Donate Your Stuff After Decluttering is a helpful list of local and national places to send your donations.

Cleaning and Clutter

We all know that cleaning and decluttering are good for us. It gives our home a fresh start, clears out the clutter so we can have more space, and makes it easier to find things when we need them. But sometimes the motivation just isn’t there. When you’re feeling that way, here are 7 tips for how to get motivated to clean and declutter!

How To Start Cleaning A Cluttered House — We’ve all been there. The house is cluttered, you feel overwhelmed and don’t want to start cleaning because it seems like too much work. But if you only have a few minutes, you can make your home more welcoming again by tackling one small job at a time. Here’s how to get started with simple steps that will make all the difference.

Have an entire hour? Here’s a cheater method for how to clean a cluttered house fast. *Note: This is for ’emergency’ cleaning situations, and NOT recommended as a regular way to deal with clutter and cleaning.

What Happens After Decluttering?

Feeling Sad After Decluttering? It’s a Real Thing… and Here’s How to Deal With It — Decluttering can be a cathartic experience. But it’s also possible for you to feel sad afterward for different reasons. Here are some tips on what to do if you find yourself feeling down after decluttering.

Here are some great ideas for organizing your clutter-that’s-not-really-clutter. You may have already decluttered the majority of your home and gotten rid of all the really messy stuff. But there are still things you have to keep and use that ‘feel’ like clutter and you want a nice way to store them. Check out these storage ideas for clutter so you can feel more organized.

How to Live Clutter Free: 12 Golden Rules for Clutter Control — Maintaining your decluttered spaces can be really tricky. Use these rules and ideas to make it easier.

Why is Decluttering Important?

When you use these declutter tips every day, the beautiful difference you see in your home will translate into more positivity everywhere in your life.

You will feel better physically and mentally.

Cleaning will be easier and take much less time.

Your frustration level will decrease because you have to deal with less visual clutter taking up your mental space.

You will learn how to organize a cluttered house because you will develop better systems that won’t be derailed by existing mountains of paper and other clutter.

You will regain pride in your home and won’t be embarrassed when company stops over unexpectedly.

Your house will become a place of joy and peace, a true home for your family.

Need more convincing? Here are 5 Smart Reasons Why You Should Declutter Your Home.

Still don’t see anything that strikes your fancy? Here is a list of decluttering websites that offer, at times, different perspectives and other ways of tackling similar situations.

Start reducing clutter piles today, and find out just how soon you feel better about your home!

More Decluttering Resources:


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