Free 30 Day Declutter Challenge Printable

This easy-peasy 30 day declutter challenge printable is perfect for when you need to declutter your home, but you don’t want to have to think about it too much.

Print it, cross off each day’s task as you complete it, and celebrate at the end of the month when you realize how much you have decluttered!

Get your printable below and then be sure to read all of my declutter tips to make the most of your decluttering efforts.

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Why Should You Try a Decluttering Challenge?

Well, we all love the IDEA of decluttering. 

We look at pictures of clean and neat homes with longing. Maybe we drool a little bit over minimalist farmhouse decor. (I hope it’s not just me!) 

We’re obsessed with organization supplies and figuring out how to creatively hide our stuff.

The thing is… Hiding stuff isn’t decluttering. Organizing isn’t decluttering. Decorating isn’t decluttering.

Decluttering is getting rid of stuff!

There’s no better way to kick-start your efforts than by challenging yourself to declutter every single day for a set period of time.

Plus, when you have a printable that tells you exactly WHERE to declutter every day, it makes everything so much easier!

How to Use The 30 Day Declutter Challenge Printable

There are two ways to work through the 30 day decluttering challenge, depending on whether you want to declutter steadily or quickly. 

Whichever method you choose, I recommend placing your printable in a sheet protector (or a magnetic pocket on your refrigerator) and marking off the tasks with a wet-erase marker.

Keeping the declutter challenge printable in a place you look at often will help remind you to do the tasks every day.

Take pictures of every room before you begin. Don’t feel embarrassed… these photos are just for you to visually track your progress.

At the end of each decluttering session, remove the decluttered objects from your house. Get rid of the trash and place donation bags or boxes in your vehicle to drop off as soon as possible. 

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The Steady Declutter Option

This is using the 30-day printable exactly as written, working about 10 minutes to complete each day’s task.

Decluttering this way will not give you a completely decluttered house in a month. It’s designed to get you in the habit of decluttering without feeling too much pressure or overwhelm.

When you have finished the first 30-day round, simply begin again. Keep working through the printable every month until your home is clutter-free.

Even after you’ve purged all the clutter, you can use the declutter challenge printable as a monthly maintenance list for keeping your home tidy and comfortable.

The Quick Declutter Option

This is a slight variation on the written daily tasks, but it will allow you to fully declutter your main living spaces in 30 days.

How? Simply complete each day’s task area in full, no matter what limit is stated on the printable. 

For example, Day 4 is ‘one kitchen drawer.’ By choosing the quick declutter option, you would instead declutter ALL of the kitchen drawers.

Don’t think too much as you’re decluttering. If you have to ask yourself whether you actually need something, you probably don’t!

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What To Do With Your Old Stuff

The question of how to dispose of things you no longer need is always a concern for anyone who takes on a decluttering project. 

I wrote a post about how to declutter and donate your stuff without regret. You may find it helpful along with this one about where to donate your stuff after decluttering.

But if you’re unable to donate due to a lack of facilities in your area, then do whatever it takes to get the clutter out of your house. Holding on to things to donate ‘later’ isn’t helping you or your home.

Let go of the stuff and the guilt!

Put this 30 day declutter challenge printable to use right away, and I know you’ll be enjoying your clutter-free life soon! Once you catch the decluttering bug, it snowballs in a wonderful and exciting way… enjoy every moment as you toss the clutter and Build Your Best Life.

You’ve got this!

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  1. I have been reading your blog and your book. It’s definitely sinking in because I woke up this morning with two drawers on my mind that needed to be de-cluttered.😄

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