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Tips for Setting Powerful Goals {for the Overwhelmed Overthinker}

Do you feel too overwhelmed to believe goal setting will work for you? I hear you! But what if you had some simple tips — that work — for setting powerful goals that were written just for you by a fellow overwhelmed overthinker?

Setting challenging goals — and achieving them — is something you can absolutely do.

Keep reading… Have your best planning and goal session ever… And then get ready to achieve your goals and Build Your Best Life.

lightbulbs and goals paper on blue background with text tips for goal setting and planning

First Steps for Simple Goal Setting

Overwhelm and overthinking mean you have to slow down a little when it comes to setting goals. You may want to do all. the. things. You may even be inspired. But you also know what happens when you try to do too much at once.

Everything falls apart and you quit.

Here are some ways you can start planning your goals — and know they’re the right ones for you.

Once your mind is in the right place, you can get down to work…

Focus on Your Goals

I’m going to be extremely blunt here…

If you’re an overwhelmed overthinker, you need to have ONE FOCUS on ONE GOAL at a time.

Maybe after you have a few victories under your belt, THEN you can think about working on a small goal and a large goal. But don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself when you’re just learning how to do this!

I want you to succeed. That means doing one thing, and learning to do it very well without distraction.

More Goal Setting Resources

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The One Focus Method — This book contains expanded versions of my most inspirational posts on goal setting and achieving. It also helps you work on building the motivation to follow through on completing projects in short periods of time.

Passion Planner — This is my current planner, and I’m sure I’ll buy it again for next year. There are areas for goal setting, tracking goals, and figuring out what’s most important to you.

The Passion Planner is available in several sizes, academic year or calendar year, and a weekly format with either a Sunday start or Monday start. Check the website, as I’ve heard they are releasing a daily format very soon! The cover feels amazing to the touch — I pretty much just want to hold and plan with this thing all day. The paper is nice and thick, which makes planning and writing an absolute pleasure.

I use erasable Frixion pens for all of my planning… it’s that perfectionist thing in me… 😉

Concluding Thoughts on Setting and Planning Goals


While they may SEEM like words people just say, these are actually incredibly powerful actions.

Learn to accomplish them one step at a time, and you really can do anything you set your mind to.

Build Your Best Life.
You’ve got this!

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