How to Use a Dreams and Goals Worksheet to Begin Goal Setting {Free Printable}

What are your dreams and goals? Do you even know? Today I’m going to show you a simple and no-stress way to begin goal setting and planning with a free printable dreams and goals worksheet. 

I know… life is busy. Most of us are just working on getting through each day. Who has time to set goals, much less pursue dreams?

Well… Everyone! 😉 Here’s how…  

printable dreams and goals worksheet on table with colored pens and text overlay begin goal setting

Let’s talk about the difference between dreams and goals, the types of goals you may have, and some goal setting examples to kick-start your thought process. 

Be sure to grab the free printable to brainstorm your dreams and goals!

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Excuses We Make to Avoid Thinking About Our Dreams and Goals

There are a lot of excuses we make to procrastinate over setting goals.

  • I tried that once (or more) and life conspired against me, so I stopped bothering. 
  • Every time I set a goal, something bad happens. 
  • I don’t have time to work on goals for myself because I’m too busy taking care of everyone else. 
  • Maybe someday… when my children are grown, life slows down, I have enough money to pursue something I really want to do… 

I could go on. There are probably as many excuses as there are people on this earth.

But here’s the thing… without goals, we’re just floating. There’s no direction to our daily life. 

And without dreams, there’s less joy. Everything becomes a chore, just one more thing on the list to cross off (or put off) before our head hits the pillow every night.

So, say you want to set goals because you don’t like the feeling of floating without any control?

How do you begin? 

How do you know what goals to set? 

How do you make a plan?

How do you work on all these new things when there’s already so much to do? 

Woah… slow down! You’re not going to change your life overnight, so let’s take this process one step at a time. 

We’ll begin with brainstorming your dreams and goals.

dreams and goals worksheet on table with colored pens for planning

The First Baby Step to Setting Goals

About that dreams vs. goals thing — what exactly is the difference?

It’s been said that ‘a goal is a dream with a deadline.’ [source?] While that’s true, they are both important… and there is nothing at all wrong with having dreams!

Goals always begin with dreams. 

Goals may feel more ‘solid’ and something you plan and execute. But those dreams… they are the inspiration and motivation to make changes and improvements. Never let anyone put you down for having dreams!

Grab this printable ‘Dreams and Goals’ brainstorming page and just start writing down a few things in different life areas that you WISH could be better.

Use one box for each item.  I like using these erasable pens in different colors to liven up my page and separate my thoughts.

In the rest of the space in each box, list a few steps you might take to make this area better. Or set some parameters for what this dream actually would look like in reality. 

It’s okay to write down things that don’t even seem possible… that’s why you begin this process with dreaming!

You don’t have to come up with a huge multi-step plan. Right now you’re just thinking about future goals you might set, beginning with some dreams.

Types of Goals and Dreams

Does your life feel so crazy that you really don’t even know what your dreams are?

Well, perhaps ‘simplifying life’ might be a good thing to write down first. 😉 

In addition, here are some common life areas that are COMPLETELY POSSIBLE to improve with the right attitude and steady work on your part.

  • Financial independence
  • Relationship stability
  • Decluttered and organized home
  • Spiritual awakening and/or peace
  • Higher education
  • Career advancement and/or independence
  • Strong family ties
  • Travel destinations
  • Healthy body and mind

How Do You Develop Your Goals and Dreams?

Now that you’ve written down some of your dreams and made notes about what those dreams would actually look like if they became reality, what’s next?

Look at your worksheet that you filled out earlier. 

What seems most important? What seems most attainable? What do you WANT to do first?

Let everything percolate in your head for a few days. Print out another Dreams and Goals page if you want to make changes or add even more.

You may even want to do some journaling with these goal journal prompts to get more clarity.

Writing these things down is the first step to making them a reality. Taking a limited amount of time to think about them gives you a chance to process the idea of actually making changes.

But then… it’s time to make a plan and take action! 

Read more about my process in the post Stop Thinking and Start Doing. It will help you figure out exactly what dream to turn into your first goal, and then how to make it happen.

You’ll also want to grab The Goal Journey Annual Goal Planner — This printable goal planner is designed to streamline your goal-setting process, allowing you to focus on one goal at a time and adapt as life evolves. Get the extra stuff out of your head, let go of the regrets and ‘should-dos,’ and start accomplishing the goals that really matter to YOU.

Resources to Help You Set and Achieve Your Goals

6 Powerful Life Hacks You Need to Stop Being Lazy

The One Focus Method — This book contains expanded versions of my most inspirational posts on goal setting and achieving. It also helps you work on building the motivation to follow through on completing projects in short periods of time.

How to Make a Vision Board — Smart Mom Smart Ideas

The 12-Week Year — I love this book because of how author Brian Moran emphasizes the importance of consistent tasks. However, it is pretty intense, and it will push you to your limits. That means it’s a perfect choice if you’re ready to make a big change in the way you think about and approach goals.

How to Develop Your Finishing Instinct: The Magic Final Step to Real Productivity

Final Thoughts on the Importance of Dreams and Goals In Life

So what will you do now? 

Will you click away from this post and go on living without goals, without dreams — too overwhelmed to do more than work, eat, and sleep every day?

Or will you take the first steps in making some positive life changes that will have a huge impact on you AND everyone you care about?

Brainstorm your dreams and goals with the printable worksheet. 

Don’t worry about how your past efforts have turned out. Why? Because that is your past, and it does NOT determine your future! 

When you have a strong enough focus on an intensely meaningful goal, I absolutely KNOW you can do anything!

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printable goals worksheet with white overlay and text begin setting goals

3 thoughts on “How to Use a Dreams and Goals Worksheet to Begin Goal Setting {Free Printable}”

  1. I am always hesitant to set goals. But recently we sat down as a family and made some. It was a good discipline for all of us. And now we have something to work towards.

    Another great post.

    Thank you


  2. Hello. I want to thank you for this post. I’ve never known how to set goals. All I’ve ever done in life was eat, sleep and go to work. I want a better life before I die! im 62 and just retired. i had said in my retirement i would set and make crafts all day everyday. unfortunately I’ve done nothing. Dream. Yes.
    Thanks to your posts and encouragement I believe I can do this.
    Again, than you for all you do.

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