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Hi, my name is Julie. Welcome to Filling the Jars!

This is where I inspire you — the overwhelmed overthinker — to Build Your Best Life. Learn to simplify, organize, get things DONE, and create opportunities for a better life and income.

How can I help you Build Your Best Life? If you want to improve the way your home functions, better your finances through budgeting and/or increased income, and create a simpler life where you can have more meaningful relationships with your family and follow your dreams, then let’s make it happen! You can always email me at julie@fillingthejars.com and ask me questions or let me know what you need help with.

I’m a 40-something woman with a hard-working husband, a son at college, and a teenage son still at home. No girl drama in this house! Even the cat and the dog are males! I’ve worked at a few different jobs in my life, including being a stay-at-home-mom for 9 years and more recently working full-time outside the home for 7 years as an elementary school secretary. I fully appreciate my current opportunity to work part-time outside the home and also have time at home to learn new skills and pursue new possibilities.

Since launching Filling the Jars in January 2016, I have rediscovered my love of writing and have posted weeks of writing excerpts under the “Writing & Blogging” category. Earlier this year I launched my first fiction short story through Amazon’s Kindle Worlds.

If you need writing services or Pinterest-worthy images for your blog, I can help! Visit my Work With Me page to learn more.


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