25 Motivational Phrases to Use as Part of Your Positive Daily Routine

Let’s talk about motivational phrases — what they are and how they can help with a positive daily routine and setting powerful goals. Don’t forget to grab your free download to print out and keep yourself motivated every day!

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Why You Need Motivational Words and Phrases

Have you ever found yourself caught in a whirlpool of overthinking? And from that, you end up in a downward spiral of negativity?

There’s so much on your mind, it all leads to you feeling inadequate and not up to the tasks in front of you. Your brain shuts down, and you just want to run and hide.

I know. I’ve been there. Sometimes it still happens, but not as often as it used to.

There’s one thing I do every day that helps SO MUCH to keep those overwhelming negative thoughts at bay and help the positivity flow. Actually, I try to do several things every day as part of a positive routine to reach my goals, but this one thing has turned into my favorite activity.

What is it?

I use motivational phrases. And when I say “use,” that’s EXACTLY what I mean.

But before I tell you about how I use them, let’s talk about motivational words and phrases — and why you should make them part of your daily routine.

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You Can Become Your Thoughts

Some people call motivational phrases “affirmations,” which are often dismissed as “woo-woo” or “trying to get something without working for it.” What I’m talking about here is not woo-woo, it’s simply common sense.

Repetition of positivity rewires your brain to concentrate on positive action instead of negativity and inaction. Think positive thoughts, speak positive words, take positive action.

If you constantly tell yourself, “I’m a terrible writer,” then you’re probably never going to attempt to become a better writer. But if — every. single. day. — you tell yourself, “I’m practicing and improving my writing every day,” then you motivate yourself to take action — and you’ll become a better writer!

Not all motivational phrases have to be long. Sometimes a single positive word will do, which is why I always choose a single word for the year to center and focus my thoughts.

Remember, though, motivational words without action are meaningless.

All the positive affirmations in the world won’t do you any good if you mistakenly believe just reading them or saying them is all it takes to effect change. Nope. It takes YOU actually believing in yourself and doing the work! Once you do, you can truly become the positive and goal-achieving person you have the potential to be.

A great way to begin putting words into action is by using gratitude prompts and starting a gratitude journal. Thankfulness and positivity go hand-in-hand.

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How I Use Motivational Phrases

Along with setting only ONE main goal for myself every week, I use positive words and phrases to help focus on that goal and push away the negativity.

In fact, my free printable daily planner page has a space dedicated to a motivational thought — perfect for writing your affirmation for the day! Make this an integral part of your daily routine planning.

I have developed a list of highly personal one-sentence positive affirmations for myself. I saved them in Google Keep and pause to read through them several times a day on either my laptop or my phone. They help me remember why I do what I do.

Read more: “24 Positive Self-Affirmations That Will Change Your Life” – Frida Howard

Because I’m a visual person, I love seeing positive phrases and words around me. I print and frame inspirational and motivational phrases and scatter them throughout the house.

I always get a secret thrill when I see family members pausing to read them… they don’t even realize it benefits them as well as me. #sneakyinagoodway

I’ve also taken to doing a semi-decorative spread every week in my Tools4Wisdom planner. I resisted trying this for months because it takes some time and I thought you had to be kind of crafty — which I’m NOT at ALL. But now, after doing this for over a month, I’m addicted to printing out stickers for my planner and choosing which ones to place on each day. I love waking up in the morning, checking my planner, and seeing the perfect motivational phrase to prepare me for my day.

Together, doing these things keeps me moving forward on the road to achieving my goals. They bring clarity and positivity to days that could otherwise easily stall with overthinking.

Some Phrases to Get You Started

Once you are further along the positivity road, you will come up with your own list of phrases, but here are some of my favorites.

These are in no particular order. They’re simply words and phrases I use to keep myself moving forward.

Use these as a starting point to create your own motivational phrases and as a springboard to your list of longer positive affirmations.

  • Like a Boss
  • Choose Kindness
  • Passion Trumps Procrastination
  • #Focus
  • Let’s Do This
  • Choose Joy
  • Get It Done
  • Relax
  • Refresh
  • Hustle
  • You Can Do Anything, But Not Everything
  • Passion + Focus
  • #Essential
  • Do Something Great Today
  • Be Amazing
  • You Got This
  • Stop Thinking. Start Doing.
  • ONE Focus
  • Done is Better Than Perfect
  • People Before Projects
  • Be the Good
  • Plan. Simplify. Take Action.
  • Positive Mind. Positive Vibes. Positive Life.
  • Inspire
  • Build Your Best Life

I made these into a printable list as part of a PDF file you can sign up to receive via email. The file includes the printable list of these phrases, a page of phrase images, plus instructions for printing. Pin this post now so you can find it again later, then sign up below to get your download of the printable file.

Want to go a little deeper? Use these journal prompts for self-discovery and start really getting to the bottom of who you want to be and what you REALLY want to do with your life. (You may be surprised!)

Build your best life. You’ve got this! 🙂 

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2 thoughts on “25 Motivational Phrases to Use as Part of Your Positive Daily Routine”

  1. I had to catch my thoughts today as I was telling myself some pretty mean things. While it may just have been the mood I was in, I had to remind myself that moods can also create patterns, that can change my attitude – permanently.

    1. Hi Brit! I’m so glad you jumped in here, and I hope you’re feeling better today! 🙂 Yes, catching our moods and turning them around is soooo important. Why do we (women in particular) so often say such mean things to ourselves? Of course some days are more difficult than others, but with continued effort, I hope more of us will be able to turn the tide toward positivity.

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