22 Fantastic Gratitude Journal Prompts You Need Today

Let’s walk through how using gratitude journal prompts will ramp up your life enjoyment level — even if nothing else changes around you. You really can take your life from humdrum to happy by harnessing the power of gratitude, thankfulness, and positivity to transform your mindset.

Seriously, one of the best habits you can choose to take up this year is using journal writing prompts — and in particular, gratitude journaling.

But… How? And why?

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Maybe you find yourself trudging through a pool of negative thinking. Maybe life feels blah or off-kilter. The best way to pull yourself out of the muck is with deliberate gratitude expressed through writing.

Practiced regularly, gratitude will ground you and help you focus on the best things in life… and possibly discover the good within the difficult.

One way to practice gratitude is by vocalizing appreciation for things you’re grateful for. However, you will effect a more powerful change by taking pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and actually writing.

Reflecting and writing with gratitude helps you form the positive thoughts that you put out into the world.

Those thoughts turn into actions, which in turn becomes a tide of positivity that helps to improve your outlook AND your actual surroundings… because you end up taking action.

So… how do you begin your own journal and learn to express gratitude through writing?

Gratitude Journal Ideas

Keeping a gratitude journal is just as personal as any other kind of journaling. The unique thing about a gratitude journal is that you can either use a different gratitude prompt every day or use the exact same gratitude journal questions every single day. Either way works!

My suggestion is to begin with simple gratitudes. You may not need a big list of gratitude prompts or a huge journal for writing when you first get started.

It could be as simple as blocking off a section in your planner (my current favorite is a Passion Planner) for listing 1-3 things you’re grateful for each day.

You could also begin with 1 or 2 questions from the list below and repeat them as daily gratitude prompts for a couple of weeks. That kind of repetition can help you dig down to the heart of different areas of your life — people, things, yourself, your surroundings, etc.

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Of course, there’s no rule saying you have to journal your gratitude every single day. Do what works for you, whether it’s jotting down random grateful thoughts several times per day, or setting aside 20-30 minutes a few times a week to let your gratitude thoughts fill your journal.

One thing I do know is that with regular practice, you will experience a positive change in your mindset. You will approach challenging situations differently, and the everyday mundane will take on new significance.

Gratitude Journaling Prompts

Here are 22 gratitude writing prompts to help inspire your thinking and journaling process:

1. Name something beautiful that you saw today.

2. What memory are you grateful for?

3. What opportunities are you grateful for?

4. Name something in your home that you truly treasure. Why?

5. What are you grateful for in your significant other?

6. What about your body are you grateful for?

7. What about the current season are you grateful for?

8. Name a struggle you currently have. What about that struggle makes you grateful?

9. What freedoms are you grateful for?

10. What talents or abilities are you grateful for?

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11. What book are you grateful for?

12. Describe a piece of positive news you recently heard.

13. What is the biggest gift in your life right now?

14. What are you thankful for in nature?

15. What food are you thankful for?

16. What bit of information are you glad you know?

17. Name a basic need that has been met.

18. What positive changes in your personality have happened in the last year?

19. How do you show gratitude for your friends?

20. What small thing are you grateful happened today?

21. What difficult parts of your life contain hidden blessings?

22. What is something a friend or family member did today that made you grateful for them?

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For more motivation to begin your own gratitude practice, take a few minutes to watch this video…

More About Gratitude, Positivity, and Writing Prompts

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Where to Buy a Gratitude Journal and Supplies

Looking for a dedicated gratitude journal? Want to try a bullet-style journal? Here are some options from Amazon to get you started…

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Dark Pink Scrollwork blank journal (lined pages)

Black Vintage-look refillable writing journal

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Still not sure how to do this? Try this 52-week gratitude journal with limited writing space to help you focus and finish the day’s thoughts quickly.

Want to get creative with your journal? This 48-roll washi tape set makes a pretty addition to any journal or planner.

Well, there you have it — everything you need to get started with gratitude journaling — why it’s important, exactly how to begin, the tools you need, and plenty of grateful writing prompts to help you begin today.

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This is a great list of gratitude prompts! From lighthearted to thought-provoking, they are all inspiring. Grab your free printable gratitude journal prompts and start writing for a more intentional and happier life today. #journalprompts #printables #intentionalliving

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  2. My gratitude journal was starting to feel a little stale, just listing things I was thankful for. I’m super glad you shared these gratitude journal prompts, I know they’re going to help keep things fresh! Thanks so much!

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