February Monthly Journal Prompts {Free Printable}

As winter wears on and cabin fever sets in, you can use these February journal prompts as a way to vent about your winter feelings, escape the endless cold (at least in your mind) and keep yourself focused on all of the intentional and good things that happen every day.

I love creating and collecting journal writing prompts. But even more, I love using them and sharing them! Scroll down to get your February free printable journal prompts list and start writing… because spring will be here before you know it and then it will be time for new writing prompts!

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What to Expect From These February Journal Prompts?

This list of one-word journal prompts really is everything February from a place where cold, dark, snowy days have been around forever and it feels like the warmth of spring will never arrive. 

Even so, we still have hope as we look for signs of winter loosening its grip. The days are growing just a tiny bit longer each day, we may have a romantic dinner at some point during the month, and the long evenings and dark mornings are perfect for deep introspection and planning without distraction.

You will find those feelings in this month’s writing prompts, and I hope your mind takes them and runs in a hundred directions with each prompt, sending you to places you didn’t expect but find worthwhile.

Printable Monthly Journal Writing Prompts for February

You can use these writing prompts in several ways. You can use them to write about what happens each day — almost like a diary. You can dive into your own feelings, writing about deep sadness and joy. Or, you can use your journaling to spark creativity for writing fiction scenes or entire stories.

No two days have to be the same. But they can be if that’s what you decide — because when it comes to journaling, YOU have full control. 

I’ll be honest, though… the best journaling happens when you feel like you lose all control and just write, write, write like crazy. Let yourself do that sometimes and see how you feel… it’s pretty amazing!

In the end, whichever way you decide to journal on any particular day, your mind will appreciate the relief of letting go of all of those extra thoughts and ‘stuff.’

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Benefits of Daily Journaling

Do you have to journal every day? Of course not, but I truly believe writing every day is extremely beneficial. 

What I’ve noticed about daily journaling:

Less scattered thinking / overwhelm. Journaling helps you sort through feelings and get your thoughts in order. Even if your daily journaling is all about making lists, it still counts!

It’s a form of self-care. Taking time for yourself and getting feelings out in a safe way is so important for your well-being!

Increased creativity. This is especially important if you create content for a living. It also gets your mind moving to help you enjoy your favorite creative hobbies.

What Tools Do You Need for Journaling?

Journaling is really quite basic, and you don’t need anything fancy to get started. 

In fact, technically you don’t even need journal prompts, but I love them because they get my mind moving so that I’m not exactly facing a blank page when it’s time to begin writing.

You could easily begin journaling in a word processing app like Google Docs on your phone or computer. Sometimes, when I’m in the flow of writing on my laptop, the words fly off the ends of my fingers almost before the thought has formed in my head. 

Plus, journaling with an electronic app means you can pick up your thoughts and continue writing almost anywhere as long as you use something that syncs between your devices. Many programs like Google Docs and Evernote have this capability.

There are also many positives to ‘classic’ journaling with pen and paper

Writing by hand has been said to increase hand-eye coordination and improve certain brain functions. I also love being able to doodle or create a combination-style journal of art and words.

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You don’t always have to use one style of journaling. It’s totally okay to mix things up from day to day. 

You may find one particular journaling style that absolutely sparks your journaling passion… if so, keep doing that!

But if the important thing to you is just getting the words out, then use whatever tools you have available.

Ready to move on to ‘fancy’ journaling beyond your 10-cent back-to-school notebook? Here are some beautiful and fun journaling supplies.

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Using Journal Prompts Without Getting Overwhelmed

Don’t overthink journaling! 

There’s no right or wrong way to journal. Just start writing and let your thoughts flow. 

You certainly don’t need to write the ‘perfect’ journal entry every single day.

Sometimes it may seem like your entries are disjointed, but that’s okay! You’re still getting your thoughts out. 

Every day of journaling can be different. Keep it fun, cathartic, interesting… and regular.

Believe me, once you get into the daily writing habit, you’ll be amazed at how you feel throughout the day after even a short journaling session.

I hope these February journal prompts will inspire you to write and create all month! Sign up below to get your free February journal prompts PDF. Then… start writing!

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  1. I’m glad i discovered you’re site. I’m always looking for prompts to get my imagination fired up. Even when I’m working on fiction/memoir, the prompts will often bring me back to a memory and a new idea.

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