March Daily Journal Prompts {Free Printable}

Ah, March… that confusing month when it feels like spring and sunshine should be bursting every day, yet the threat of one last winter storm constantly hangs over us. Daily writing with these March journal prompts is a great way to bring positivity to the month. 

Observe the freshness of each day, record personal progress, and dream to your heart’s desire with these journal prompts for March. When you’ve finished with those daily writing prompts, you can go even deeper with more of these journal writing prompts.

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March Journal Ideas

There’s something about the power of March that has always fascinated me. It’s the wildness of approaching spring grappling with a winter that doesn’t want to give up its dominance.

These 31 daily journal prompts reflect pieces of the power and the struggle. Because it’s not simply a give-and-take on the daily weather report — it’s something that happens within us as well.

For those who suffer from seasonal issues affected by sunlight, the longer days usually bring some relief. At the same time, the desperate hope for warmer days is often met with teasing tastes that are quickly snatched away and replaced by winter’s wicked grip. 

This year, instead of yearning for what we don’t have, let’s use these journal prompts to help us focus on our feelings. Explore where those feelings lead, but see if you can bring it back around to reality toward the end of your journaling session. 

What positive connection can you make between what you want and the reality of what IS?

March Journal Writing Prompts

Each word on this March monthly journal prompt list has been carefully chosen to spark your feelings and imagination for writing. Most of the words can be used in at least two ways, which means you have even more options for your writing sessions.

Spring Break


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Is Daily Journaling Difficult or Restrictive?

Do you have to use the daily prompts to relate to and record exactly what you see and feel every day?

Of course not! Journaling is completely personal, which means you can write factually, or you can decide to go in a completely different direction and write fiction. You can even do both in one writing session if you want.

The important thing is to write — be creative, get those brain neurons firing, get words down if you have a daily word count goal, work through and solve personal or logistical issues.

Whatever you need to write on any given day is exactly the ‘correct’ way to journal.

My Recommended Journaling Tools

I tend to journal in a few different ways, and I have several ‘types’ going at once. Here are some of the tools I use:

Google Docs — For when my fingers work more quickly than my brain. I especially love google docs for when I’m in the fiction zone.

Blank notebook — For when I’m working on a sticky problem, like if I want to hand-write pro and con lists. Or if I’m feeling a little more creative and want to doodle or use different color pens in my writing.

Planner — Sometimes I use a printable daily planner page, but more often I use a pre-printed planner to keep track of my days and tasks. Pre-printed planners are easy to use for quick journal entries and brief gratitude journaling. If you don’t have a lot of writing time each day, you can still do a bit of journaling. — voice to text software that syncs across your devices. I used this more often for writing blog posts or chatty emails, but it’s also great if you do daily journaling but can’t sit to write or type. Just hit record, talk through your thoughts, and later you can read and think more about what you said.

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Final Thoughts On Writing For the Month of March

Remember, you don’t have to spend an hour every day with your journal in order for it to make a difference in your life.

I mean, you CAN do that if you want to, but even 10-20 minutes of writing helps to clear your mind and get perspective on different aspects of your life.

Try it… you won’t be sorry! 

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