April Journal Writing Prompts {Free Printable}

As spring rolls on and life feels a little fresher and brighter every day, here are 30 April journal prompts you can use to write your way through the entire month. Use these one-word prompts to spark your imagination, thought process, and even personal development.

These daily writing prompts are part of my growing collection of journal writing prompts. Grab your free printable prompts and start journaling today!

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Using Printable Daily Journal Prompts

I’m a visual person, so having a printout of journal prompts for the entire month makes life just a little bit easier. I don’t have to go searching for a new prompt every morning, and I can decide which prompt I want to use each day.

Sure, you could just look at the list online when it’s time to journal, but let me tell you a secret… journaling works best when you keep the process offline as much as possible. Having your journal and list handy means you won’t be distracted by going online or turning on a device ‘just to check’ your prompts list.

The words on this list are like creative writing prompts for adults.

There are so many ways to use single-word daily prompts. To spark daily reflection. The basis for a fictional short story. Maybe even an essay about your life or the world we live in.

Fill your pages with dreams, fears, hopes, solutions, lists… whatever works. Let your overthinking mind relax while the worries and ‘extra stuff’ rests safely in another place.

April One Word Journal Prompts

You’ll find most of the prompts relate to a spring theme. Or at least on the surface. 😉 

I love creating these prompts lists and also using them because the words usually have more than one meaning. With a single word, my mind starts roaming in several directions and I get extra creative and motivated to write. 

Spring Clean


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How Can You Start a Daily Journaling Routine?

If you’re new to journaling, you may be wondering exactly how to begin.

Do you need a special journal, special pens, a dedicated writing place, or an extra hour every day to think and write?

None of the above! 

You can write in a regular notebook with any writing instrument you like. You can even type your journal entries online in a google doc or word doc.

You can journal anywhere, although finding a ‘special’ place that inspires you is always nice.

A journaling routine can mean sitting down for as little as 10 minutes if that’s all you have.

The most important thing is to begin. And then continue. Every day is ideal. Fifteen minutes in the morning or evening will work wonders.

Your journal entries will often surprise you. There may be days when you feel extremely satisfied with your writing. On other days, you may find yourself dealing with writers block or uncomfortable feelings and the words don’t flow as easily. 

Keep going. Even just a few words and thoughts will help you work through many things in your life.

Never EVER worry about trying to get it all ‘right.’ Life is messy, and your journal will reflect that. 

Which is exactly as it should be. 🙂 

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Journaling Tool Recommendations

If you decide to move beyond a regular notebook and ‘fancy up’ your journal with a special journal and pens, here are some recommendations.

Frixion erasable pens — I absolutely love these! I find the stick-style pens seem to write more smoothly than the larger refillable style.

Pilot G2 smooth-writing gel pens are nice if you’re not worried about needing to erase your writing.

This flower-cover journal just screams ‘spring’ to me — it’s so pretty!

A refillable soft-cover journal is also nice. You never have to worry about running out of pages, because you can easily refill it with new lined notebooks. You can also get blank paper, graph paper, or dotted refills.   

Concluding Thoughts on Journaling

Don’t overthink journaling. Try different methods. Let your journal get messy. Writing by hand, typing, art journaling, speech to text… use whatever strikes your fancy each day.

Experiment. Find the journaling method that’s perfect for you… and that may change from day to day or month to month. When you’re journaling in a way you absolutely love, it can absolutely and positively change the way you approach daily life as you work to Build Your Best Life.

You’ve got this!

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