Gratitude Journal With Prompts: Building Positivity and Resilience

I’m pretty sure we all need this right now: Take better care of yourself and your loved ones by using a gratitude journal with prompts that will help you improve your outlook on… well… everything. A gratitude journal will help you take a step back and rethink the negativity that could easily be damaging your emotions and your relationships.

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Maybe you’ve heard friends talk about the power of gratitude journaling. Or maybe you’ve seen things pop up in your Pinterest or Instagram feed and you’ve thought, ‘Hmmm… maybe I should give that a try.’ and then you go about your day, forgetting all about that gratitude journal. Or you think about starting, but you really have no clue where to begin.

Let’s talk about:

  • why gratitude journaling is important
  • how you can begin without stressing over whether you’re doing it ‘right’
  • if you really need to gratitude journal daily for it to be effective
  • where to buy a gratitude journal and workbook bundle to make the process EASY and JOYFUL

“Gratitude helps us to see what is there instead of what isn’t.”

Annette Bridges

Why Should You Keep a Gratitude Journal?

Gratitude journaling will help you…

  • ease into a daily gratitude practice that can enhance your life and eventually, the lives of your friends and family
  • increase your appreciation of ‘the little things’ that are so easy to ignore
  • handle difficult situations with an attitude of positivity and growth
  • feel more relaxed, be less envious, and gain confidence in your life choices
  • welcome the past, present, and future abundance that is possible in your life
  • take action to improve your relationships, yourself, and your physical surroundings

Taking the Stress Out of Gratitude Journaling

For all the reasons listed above, we each need gratitude journaling in our lives now more than ever. 

When you need a dose of positivity, begin with gratitude journaling. Why? Because the entire reason for it is to improve your mindset and add positivity to your life.

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If you don’t already have a daily habit of using journal writing prompts, the idea of adding another ‘thing’ to your plate can feel overwhelming. 

However, journaling CAN be enjoyable and easy… and it WILL make at least some difference in your attitude when you take action to LOOK for and EXPECT the good in things. 

To solve the problem of journaling uncertainty and make it SIMPLE for anyone to begin TODAY, I created a beautiful, easy-to-use gratitude journal bundle that will help you overcome any lingering fears about whether or not you can ‘figure out’ how to gratitude journal.

This journal helps you get into a journaling mindset, gives you some encouragement, and then walks you through 30 days of prompts.

  • Feminine styling — Soft peaches and pinks promote relaxation and reflection.
  • Beautiful dual-purpose daily journal pages — Each daily page has one section for writing about the daily prompt and one section for free writing after reflecting on the day. Double your daily dose of gratitude!
  • No long-term commitment — Journal for 30 days. If you decide you hate the process, you can walk away without feeling guilty over having a huge journal you will never finish.
  • Establish a solid journaling/gratitude habit — Even though I said you ‘can’ walk away, my hope is that you’ll fall in love with daily gratitude journaling and the positive effects you feel.

The workbook will help you overcome the awkwardness of incorporating gratitude into your daily life. The suggestions and worksheets will help you brainstorm things you can do to gradually build your comfort level and excitement about expanding gratitude beyond journaling.

6-page spread of gratitude workbook pages from filling the jars
  • Action suggestions, worksheets, action plan, extra blank note and journal pages — everything you need to learn, journal, and plan the different ways you want to practice gratitude. Print and use for yourself as many times as you wish.
  • Printable word art — stay motivated with gratitude-based inspirational word art. Use as planner dividers, journal covers, or art to display in your home. 

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Do You Have to Journal Every. Single. Day for 30 Days? 

Well, of course not… you can do whatever you want since it’s your journal! 

But honestly, you really will get the best results by daily gratitude journaling for a month… especially if you can do morning writing in response to the journal prompt and then a quick evening reflection on your day, jotting down your thoughts or daily gratitude list in the space provided.

After you’ve finished the prompts included with the journal, you can continue by using the blank journal page. Print it as many times as you would like, or make copies of the page in your notes app.

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Why Printable Journals Are So Flexible

Using a PDF printable gratitude journal is a great way to journal because you can personalize the way you print and use it. 

  • This journal is created for US Letter size pages, so you can print full-size pages if you tend to write ‘big’ and need lots of space.
  • Print half-size and back-to-back (‘booklet’ in your printer settings) for a compact journal that’s easy to fold in half and carry around. Due to how the printed pages scale, this will also give you a bit of extra space at the top and bottom of each page for notes or doodles.
  • You can have your journal printed and spiral-bound at an office supply store.
  • You can cut, punch, and disc-bind the pages in your favorite planner size if you’re into that kind of fanciness.
  • Or you can take the easy route: use a 3-hole punch and store the pages in a 3-ring binder.

The best part? There’s no driving to a store or waiting for a package to arrive in the mail. You can buy, print, and start using this gratitude journal — and the workbook 😉 — today. 

If you prefer, you can use the journal and workbook in your favorite notes app like Goodnotes or OneNote. Just understand that this file was created as a printable journal, so it does not include a home icon or tabs like files created specifically for digital journaling might have.

Start Your Gratitude Practice Today

Today is the best time for a new mindset.

Start fresh, lean into gratitude, and enjoy the journey of your life with the help of this gratitude journal with prompts and a workbook that you can start using just minutes after purchase.

Grab your printable journal bundle now… and immediately start transforming your mindset with your easy-to-begin personal complete gratitude practice!

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