Declutter Your Bedroom Like a Minimalist by Ditching These 4 Items

Today we’re going to go a little deeper than my usual declutter tips and talk about why and how to purge your bedroom of things that have never even crossed your mind. Think of it as a next-level minimalist bedroom declutter — and it will change the way you think about and use your bedroom forever.

I’ll tell you about the 4 items that are blocking you from having a completely decluttered bedroom that’s easy to maintain. The goal is to create a comfortable and functional space while making life easier and preventing the return of clutter.

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Why You Should Try a Minimalist Bedroom Declutter

We’re going to look at this from the vantage point of ‘make life easier’ AND ‘keep things clutter-free without all the work.’

*Note: If you are new to decluttering or not ready for ‘next-level’ straight talk, then take a step back and go read this post instead: Stop Being a Victim of Clutter {Mindset Transformation}

For the purposes of this blog post, we’re going to assume you have already completed a basic bedroom declutter. But something still doesn’t seem ‘right.’ Every day it feels like you’re fighting against all the stuff.

Change your thinking a little bit from what all the magazines tell you a ‘perfectly coordinated and appointed’ bedroom is supposed to look like. You know… the picture of a room the size of a football field with a massive bed and all the matchy-matchy furniture and decor.

The problem is… those pretty pictures usually don’t happen in real life.

It’s even worse when you live in a small house. Things pile up. And it seems like no matter what you do or how much you declutter, the bedroom always feels cramped and messy.

Let’s try some radical-sounding ideas inspired by minimalism. If you can bring yourself to get rid of these 4 items, I’m sure you will be amazed at how much cleaner and more organized your bedroom feels every day… with less work!

4 Things That Don’t Belong in a Decluttered Bedroom

Here are my recommendations for what needs to go. This is especially important if you have a very small bedroom or want to being moving toward minimalism.

Don’t worry, you can still have a comfy and cozy bedroom!

1. Excess decorative pillows

I can hear it now… gasps and exclamations of, ‘But I love my decorative pillows!’

I get it. They’re cute, or sophisticated, or whatever look you’re going for. 

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have ANY decorative pillows. I will ask that you be honest with yourself about how much time, space, and money you have invested in something that truly creates more work for you at least twice a day.

How many times do you just leave all those pillows on the floor instead of artfully placing them on your bed every single day? 

How often do you stare at your bed when you’re exhausted and heave a sigh when you think about moving all of those pillows at bedtime?

And if you have a small, cluttered bedroom, where do they end up? On the floor, where you have to kick them out of the way if you need to get up in the middle of the night? On top of clothes baskets full of laundry that haven’t made it into your dresser yet?

Here’s the thing… Those of us who have a problem with clutter usually also have an issue with not dealing with all. the. things. on a consistent basis. We start out with great intentions, but then things get hard. Or boring. Or just. too. much. on top of all the other stuff in our brains. 

Could you maybe have 3 decorative pillows instead of 9 or 15 or 27? How about one pretty pillow? 

Think about luxury hotel rooms. How many decorative pillows do they have? Oh, right… zero!

A beautiful and comfortable bed does not depend on multitudes of decorative pillows. 

A blanket or two provides just as much color and texture. Plus, it’s actually useful and you don’t HAVE to move it twice a day if you don’t want to.. 😉 

minimalist white bedroom with white bedding and white walls

2. Television

Ouch! The shouts of denial are even louder.

I can understand how you might resist this one, especially if your television is mounted on the wall. And while it may be true that a wall-mounted screen doesn’t take up physical space, it absolutely consumes your mental space and disrupts your natural sleep patterns.

Thinking about the reasons we allow certain items into our space is part of the concept of minimalism. Being intentional about deep decluttering means getting into the mindset of asking questions like, ‘How many screens do I need?’ and, ‘Does this improve my life or distract me?’

Step away from the mindless consuming of information and constant moving images. 

Instead, hang a beautiful picture or a meaningful quote on the wall.

When you’re ready, remove ALL screens from the bedroom.

Journal or read a ‘real’ book before you sleep. 

Rest your mind and your body.

3. Massive nightstands with lots of ‘storage’

Face it, most of the stuff you keep on and inside your nightstand is just clutter! 

Once you get rid of everything except what you really need when you’re tucked in for the night, you can begin to accept to possibility of using a smaller table.

What’s the best solution? A floating bedside table with one drawer

It will hold everything you need. And best of all, it’s super-easy to vacuum or mop underneath! Bonus points if you have a simple, wall-mounted lamp that takes up zero horizontal space.

clutter-free minimalist bedroom wood and white walls white bedding peach accents wood shelf

4. Dresser

Yep, I said it… and it may have broken your brain. But stay with me while I explain… 

(I learned how to live without a dresser over 25 years ago, so I’ve got an experience-backed opinion. 😉 )

Listen, that big old clutter-magnet is doing NOTHING for you! The horizontal surface attracts dust and ‘just for now’ clutter like nothing else on earth. 

And those drawers? Tell me, how often does the laundry actually make it into them? And then how easy is it to find what you need? 

Okay, maybe the whole clothes-storage issue is slightly easier if you’ve mastered the ‘file fold’ method for your clothes, but have you? Will you? Probably not.

So let’s make life a LOT easier. Get rid of that dresser and keep your clothes in the closet where they belong. 

But… but… what if you adore clothes and NEED that storage space? You don’t. 

What if your closet is too small? It’s not. 

Here’s how to declutter your wardrobe and how to organize a small closet to hold all of your clothes. 

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Benefits of Having a Minimalist Bedroom

At this point, I hope you’re open to the idea of decluttering your bedroom like a minimalist. 

But maybe you’re holding back because you’re worried that you’ll lose the feel of your cozy bedroom. 

Or that you won’t have enough storage.

Or that clutter will pile up where your monstrous dresser used to sit.

This is part of the decluttering process and another aspect of being a minimalist… mentally accepting permanently open space.

When we’ve always had clutter around us, an empty space us unsettling. Subconsciously, we feel like something is wrong until we fill that space.

Enjoying a minimalist bedroom can take time. 

Try getting rid of the things on this list one at a time. Practice keeping your spaces clutter-free. See how it changes your thinking and makes your life easier.

Instead of stressing over clutter, you’ll feel relieved when you spend time in your bedroom retreat.

Plus, your decluttered bedroom will be so much easier to clean. Less to dust, easier to vacuum, and fewer things to move around every. single. day.

minimalist bedroom with gray and wood accents

While it may seem overwhelming to try a minimalist bedroom declutter, I want to assure you that it’s absolutely possible that you can do this AND that you can love it. 

Ditch the clutter and Build Your Best Life.

You’ve got this!

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32 thoughts on “Declutter Your Bedroom Like a Minimalist by Ditching These 4 Items”

  1. Getting rid of the chest of drawers is an interesting idea, but I don’t think it’s practical for everyone. The “file fold” method isn’t that hard. I’ve been using it for a few years now and once I got some drawer dividers so clothes stay in their own lane, I’ve kept it up with almost no maintenance. This is two dividers to separate the drawers into three sections each, not a complicated system. I did have to initially play around with it to determine the best way to organize, but once I did, I love it. And yes, I fold and put my clothes away. I did declutter the drawers when I originally switched. Now everything is easy to find and I know I don’t need any more clothes. (In the bedroom, I have no throw pillows, no TV, and no massive night stand.) This article is still inspiring me to take a look at what is in there and see want can be decluttered and organized.

  2. That idea about having a room the size of a football field is great. My dream bedroom has two king size beds set up like the Petries.

  3. I think the answer to the dusty dresser top is having the bare minimum of items on top. Then it’s easy to dust it.
    No TV in my house, 3 decorative pillows in which moving them twice a day generates additional exercise, something we all need.

    1. Sorry, I disagree. Just a bed in the bedroom then? Builders should start making bedrooms a lot smaller then. Organization is the key like Jennifer mentioned. By all means evey corner doesn’t need to be filled but vast empty space isn’t ideal either.

  4. Most houses built in the 1950s do not have closets big enough for even a minimalist couple to have all of their clothing in the closet. Also I find that our large nightstands have made our bedroom definitely less cluttered. Their drawers hold all that we might need during the night, and the top holds the pictures of our loved ones who have grown up and are no longer living with us besides the loved ones who have passed away. Minimalism and uncluttered are really two different things in my mind. I guess I am saying that decluttering like a minimalist works if you are a minimalist.

  5. I don’t understand “no dresser”. Where do you store underwear and socks? Where do you store long underwear? Our closet isn’t large enough to hang underclothes.

    We are already way ahead of you on the other 3 items. We have never had a tv in the bedroom.

      1. I put my dresser in my closetm works great. More convenient too as everything is in my closet when I get dressed.

    1. I ditched my dresser several years ago. It has made a.big difference. However, it was replaced with pillows, books, magazines and two side tables, lol. I will keep you informed of my progress
      Thanks for sharing

  6. Uhh….I don’t have a closet in my room? only a dresser? lmao
    I know it dosn’t really matter bc most people have a closet. I just thought it was kinda funny for some reason. idk i weird.

    1. I don’t have a closet either. I’d be lost without my dresser. I think it needs to be clarified what kind of dwelling a person is living in. It’s not a one idea fits all. My house was built in 1910 so there is a very tiny closet that doesn’t fit our hangers of “today” and without major re-doing of it all, a dresser works. Never had a TV in the bedroom, small night tables, and I think all those dress pillows are beautiful in big, huge bedrooms that maids can help clean!!

  7. I do have memory pillows of a loved one who passed recently, not giving them up. I do have a trunk with a cushioned top I store the pillows when I go to bed. The headboard is a bookcase headboard, doesn’t take up any room; can have a lamp and picture of my loved one. The closet is small with a double rack. It stores warmer weather clothes on one, colder weather clothes on the other rack. I have a 2-drawer dresser at the base of it for sweaters, underwear, and socks.

  8. I have a tv in my room and as soon as I turn it on I fall asleep so the whole tv thing won’t work for me. I love my dresser and it holds my undies n pj’s. I guess this is not for me

    1. I have had a TV in my room my entire life! I have resisted the idea of taking it out forever since I claim that it helps me fall and stay asleep. But, I broke down and removed it about 4 months ago and am happy with that decision although I still miss it at times. I would love to take the triple dresser out so I’ll work on that soon -will have to do some major purging and find someway to add space for things in my small closet.

    1. I removed the dresser from bedrm, I hang everything & feel much more organized.

      I have a small dresser in my closet to hold undies, socks, jammies.

      I hang purses, shoes in pockets on back of door.

      No tv in bedrm. After working nightshift for 25 yrs, a tv is no help in the room for sleep- it can wake you & screw your cycle & I never want to have sleep like that in my life again- it wasn’t worth the night differential!
      I have 2 shams & a single small colorful pillow on my bed- anymore drives me crazy (& I do love pillows)!

      1. I have a tv in my room. I don’t need it to fall asleep. My head hits the pillow and I am out like a light. I also work night shift I just have room darkening shades and curtains in my room. Makes for an easier time to sleep. Decluttering is a different story.

  9. we have never had decorative pillows, a tv, large night stands or a dresser in our bedroom… choice. we love keeping it simple. our first house was built in 1902 and we didn’t find any trouble putting all our clothes in the closet. not having the exstra left room for a king size bed and a bassinet when we needed it.

  10. I put our small IKEA dresser in our small closet, no tv, and an antique, small child’s desk for a nightstand, need to find a small chair. 2 extra pillows. It’s a 10X15 bedroom, not huge but love it.

  11. I wish I was organized like everyone else, but sadly I’m not.. I’m the clutter queen and l have a path to my bed. I don’t think I have a tv in my bedroom – if so, l can’t find it..just having a little FuN here, and I do like the ideas- maybe I can f figure it all out one day.

  12. I’ve done everything on your list ✔️ I enjoyed the article and will be on your email. Thank you 😊

  13. FINALLY, someone”gets” the ridiculousness of decorative pillows on the bed!! My bedroom is roomy, but I have my weights and bike in there, so minimal furniture is perfect. My dresser – which, btw, is used for storage of things we use once or twice a year – is going! I have a decent closet, with drawers at one end. Yes, everyone’s situation is different, but the ideas here are GOOD!

  14. Yes! I love this article. I’ve been a proponent of these very ideas for a long time. If it were up to me, I would have a bed (bookcase headboard) and nothing else in my bedroom. (Space and stuff means I also have a bookcase in my bedroom.)

    We tend to clutter the very space we go to each night to rest. Who can rest with all that clutter?

    1. I totally agree about the pillows! Never had them, never will. Our room contains king bed, weight machine, exercise bike and dresser. The dresser holds a lamp, mats to do stretches on and our weight sheets (list of lifts, # reps, etc.)

  15. I would love to have my bedroom decluttered. I can’t get to my TV and the TV hasn’t been turned on in over 10 years!

    My husband is a drilling consultant and he has fire-resistant clothing for work and we don’t have anywhere to store it.

    He also has bedding and household items for when he has to stay at the drilling rig and of course, we don’t have a place to store that either so it’s all stored in my bedroom. Ugh.

    We live in the country and have livestock so putting things in our garage isn’t possible due to field mice.

  16. My home was built in the 1940s. I appreciate these four tips and understand that a couple of them are not practical for my home. The closets are tiny and the top shelf is not easily accessible. My bedroom has a queen bed with footboard drawers (where I store my sheet sets and throw blankets), and two tall dressers (no nightstands). I’m in the process of Spring Cleaning and decluttering, and I’ve already made a lot of progress. I just added a wall-mounted television last year. I don’t always use it and it’s nice to have when I don’t want to watch the scary movies my spouse watches! (Haha.)

    1. I loved this. People need to this creatively. Ten yrs ago I ditched my dresser w/mirror for a short 3 drawer wicker chest (child’s) where I keep folded clothes: Top: tanks tops and t-shirts, Middle: pj’s, swim suits, Bottom: folded shorts and pants. Then I put a simple 3-drawer plastic cart in the closet-minus it’s wheels-it sits eye level on a shelf. Holds all my hankies, undies, sox, lingerie; the drawers are only half-full! Jeans sit on shelf next to this. No throw pillows as colorful pics are on the walls. Bed and nightstand and one chair are enough. I am not a minimalist, but I sure like the light and airy room that’s a snap to clean. 🙂

  17. It’s funny how I have all of these 4 items in my bedroom. Now, I’m thinking of removing it and switching my bedroom to a minimalist theme. Thanks for your idea!

  18. you’ve got me thinking, now! I have a tee shirt drawer….I don’t wear /like tee shirts! And the “just in case” comment resonates with my poor kid background……. (I might need this, if i get rid of it then I’ll need it……)
    Thanks for a mental/emotional challenge, Julie!

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