Creative Journaling Exercises, Prompts, and Ideas to Keep You Writing

Writing is just one of many creative outlets, but it’s one of my favorites. Creative journaling exercises and journal writing prompts are the easiest and best ways I know to get into the flow of writing and creating with words.

Your creative superpowers are just waiting for you to unleash them. This article will give some examples of different types of creative journaling and writing exercises, as well as tips on how to get the most out of them.

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What Are Creative Journaling and Writing Exercises?

Creative journaling exercises are an alternate form of writing prompts. They challenge your imagination and keep you from falling into a pattern of producing the same types of material every time you sit down and write.

Creative writing exercises may seem very similar to creative journaling exercises, but they can be a little bit different. 

An example would be writing a short poem based on different prompts (creative journaling) and then putting that poem into a story (creative writing).

However, most people use the two terms interchangeably, which is perfectly acceptable. This post is written as a mixture so that you have plenty of inspiration to choose from.

Many people start out with creative journaling exercises and then make them into stories that are written based on those prompts. But they don’t always HAVE to lead to a complete piece of creative writing.

Remember, journaling is completely personal, so you can choose to do whatever you want with your writing!

The best part is, they don’t require extensive preparation or planning. All it takes to get started with creative journaling exercises is a simple pen and notebook or your favorite electronic device. You can start doing them anytime, anywhere!

Creative Journaling Exercises and Writing Ideas

If you’re looking for creative journaling exercises to use as writing prompts, the possibilities are endless. 

You can start by using these suggestions and then venture out on your own because you have just been given a whole bunch of new ways to get started with your next story!

Tired of the same old prompts? You’ll love these daily creative writing exercises — unique ideas ranging from Rico Clusters to rolling dice.

While writing is usually the first thing we think of when it comes to journaling, there are other ways to spark creativity. These creative ways to journal for adults may have you rethinking the ways you get inspired through your journal.

Feeling stuck? Try these 14 creative things to write in a journal and just see what happens!

From moments in time to pets and more, these 5 creative journal topics will be sure to spark endless writing possibilities.

How To Use Creative Writing Exercises

We all know the old saying that practice makes perfect. Well, let me tell you something: practicing with creative journaling exercises every day is probably one of the most enjoyable ways I can think of to pursue writing perfection. 😉 

Pink-tinted table and journal stack with glasses and gold-tone pen holder.

How do you practice them? Simple! Put pen to paper or fingers to keys and go for it! See what your brain comes up with. Let go of your writing preconceptions and embrace the fun side of creating.

You can use these exercises as warm-up activities or ways to break through writer’s block. They will get the creative juices flowing by allowing you to try something completely new and different. Think of creative journaling exercises as no-commitment ways to test out a new style, writing genre, or even set of characters. 

You can also use these journaling exercises to set up some world-building for a character or even create a playlist of songs that fits the theme or mood you are looking for in your day’s creative endeavors.

Struggling with how to get started or afraid you’ll do it ‘wrong?’ These posts will help you begin with the basics and let go of that worry:

How To Write a Creative Journal in 6 Steps

How To Start Morning Creative Writing for More Productive Days

Creative journaling exercises are not only for writers. They’re also great tools for artists who may need some ideas on how to set up their pieces or develop a new style that fits their characters.

Using creative journal writing prompts and exercises are perfect ways to get your mind moving in new directions!

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Concluding Thoughts

If you’re looking for a way to get into the writing zone, journaling with creative writing exercises can help you find inspiration and release your swirling thoughts… all while giving you time alone.

What are some of your favorite creative journaling exercises? How do you use them in your writing and/or do they inspire new ideas for you? Do you have any tips to share? Feel free to share in a comment below.

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