5 Creative Journal Topics: Ideas to Spark Endless Writing Possibilities

Need some new journal ideas? These creative journal topics will inspire you to dive into unexplored areas of your creative writing abilities. Soon your pen will be flying across the page and your brain will be cranking out ideas left and right!

Even though technically you can write anything in your creative journal, it’s a lot more fun when you can write about topics that aren’t usually included in regular journal writing prompts collections. 😉 I’ve got a few topic ideas for you today that are really fun!

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Moments In Time

There are so many things you could do with this topic.

One: Check this date in history to see what events happened in the past. Were you alive for any of them? Write down your memories. Does one of the events strike you as interesting? Write about it as if you had been at the event or how it would have affected your life if you had been alive at that time in history.

Two: People find it boring to write down what they do daily, but it can be done in a fun way. Try recounting an interaction you had at the grocery store beyond just buying groceries. We interact with people every day and later forget about it. But was there someone or something you saw that intrigued you?

Three: Write about how significant moments in your own life made you feel. Even if you didn’t journal it at the time, you can journal your feelings about the first date with your spouse-to-be, your wedding day, the birth of your children, or anything else. These stories will be heirloom-worthy if you’re comfortable with that.


Journaling with quotes as prompts can take you anywhere!

You can begin by choosing a quote or phrase from my collection of motivational quotes. Write the quote and then do whatever you want with it… 

  • Journal your feelings or thoughts on the subject
  • Discuss how the quote will affect your actions for the day
  • Create a beautiful piece of quote art for your wall or bullet journal
  • Make a mind map inspired by the quote


If you have a creative flair, then keeping an idea journal is practically a must. Creatives who write books, songs, or poems never know when inspiration will strike, so carrying a small notebook or journal all the time is actually very important.

Prolific creatives (think DaVinci, Edison, etc.) usually end up with idea lists far longer than anyone could accomplish in a lifetime. Part of that is because writing down those ideas helps to spark even MORE ideas… it’s kind of magical and it can work for anyone!


Pets are great and we often don’t take the time to appreciate their influence on our lives. Even less often do we think about using them as a source of journal material.

Try writing about all the cute things your pets have done over the years that make you laugh, or maybe your struggles when you first got them and were trying to train them. These little memories — and maybe some photos to go along with the journal entries —  will be those you could forget in later years but will always bring a smile to your face when you reread your journal.

Another idea is to record life from your pet’s viewpoint. Write down what they think about your daily life, your family, or yourself. People love social media posts from a pet’s viewpoint, too… so that’s another idea you could try if you’re active on any social media channels. Share the fun! 😉  

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After so many of us were cooped up at home for months and months, the idea of travel feels like a dream. That makes it a great journal topic! 

You could write down all your memories of previous trips. Where you went, things you did, people you traveled with or met during your trip, favorite parts, less-favorite parts or crazy things that happened. Relive the adventures through your pen.

Another way to journal about travel is to make plans for future trips. You can make all sorts of lists about where you’ll go, what you’ll do, and all.the.things. Is there a place you’ve always wanted to visit, but never gotten the chance? Perhaps it’s time to start journaling your ideas and plans for how you’ll get there.

A really creative way to journal about travel is to fictionalize stories about travel to anywhere… even outer space. Maybe you run an intergalactic travel agency or dating service. Perhaps you investigate crimes on different planets. You could end up with a complete series of books if you really let your imagination run wild.

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Now… Go Do Something With These Creative Writing Journal Topics…

Okay, seriously… just writing about these creative journal topics has given me plenty of new ideas! I’m sure you’ll find the same will happen to you very quickly!

Don’t wait around until you feel like you’re ‘in a creative mood’ to try out these topic ideas. Just pick one and start writing! Remember, there are no rules in journaling and it NEVER has to be perfect. 

I am absolutely positive that you’ll find a fun way to use these journaling ideas… and that as you write, your creativity will expand along with your effort.

People journal for different reasons and all of them are great. Journaling can help fulfill you even if you never publish any of it. Then again… some of the creative journal topics you write about may serve as a basis for a book, song, poem, or art that inspires many other people… 😉

Enjoy the write!

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