Top 15 Gratitude Gifts & Home Decor Ideas To Inspire A Thankful Attitude

Being grateful for what you have in your life is a practice that helps you see the best in others as well as yourself. It can be difficult to practice on a regular basis, but having some reminders around your home can help you be more intentional about practicing gratitude. Check out these gratitude gifts & home decor ideas that are the perfect (cute) reminder to be thankful and positive.

Gratitude gift wrapped in natural paper and ribbon sitting on white background.

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Practicing gratitude is a behavior that can benefit anyone. Just a few benefits of practicing gratitude include improving relationships, helping you sleep better, and improving physical health. For the overthinker, other benefits can include reducing stress and making you feel happier.

Since I’m a huge proponent of keeping your life and your home decluttered, I don’t often like to give ideas of things to buy. However, I also believe strongly in the power of being grateful and know all too well just how easy it can be to slip into old habits.

That’s why I think it’s good to have small reminders around the house for something as important as gratitude. So I’ve gathered this list of gratitude gifts and home decor ideas that you can use yourself as well as give to friends, family, or anyone as a gentle reminder to appreciate what they have.

Gratitude Home Decor Ideas

Let’s start with some home decor ideas that will do double duty of looking amazing and reminding you to stop and appreciate what you have.

Gratitude Wooden Framed Farmhouse Sign

Some of us always long to have more: money…talents…job…stuff. For anyone who lives by the “grass is always greener on the other side” viewpoint, this simple sign is a beautiful reminder that you really do have enough.

Overflowing With Gratitude Wood Sign

Here’s a gentle reminder that adopting a grateful attitude creates a wellspring of positive emotion. When you focus on the positive, the good things in your life seem to be greater and more important than the negative things. A lovely sign like this one may be just the push you need to keep the focus where it’s most useful: on being grateful.

Gratitude Heart Rock Cairn

This small rock cairn is perfect for the outdoorsy person or anyone who wants to feel more grounded by bringing a touch of the outdoors inside. Cairns represent hope, encouragement, inspiration, and support – just what an overthinker needs! 

Gratitude Metal Word Art

Do you like to keep things simple? Yep, me too. Simple just seems to be better for people who have a tendency to overthink. That’s what I love about this gorgeous word art. It’s simple but bold so that you have no choice but to remember such a powerful practice as gratitude.

Thankful Tree Poster With Stickers

Take an idea and make it your own! This poster gives you the framework but you have to do the legwork of stating (and displaying) what you’re thankful for. I love this beautiful, personalized idea because you can add to it at any time.

Gratitude Distressed Wood Sign

Although this sign can be hung up, it’s really meant to sit on a shelf, table, or mantle. And that quality is probably my favorite part about it. It’s moveability allows the owner to move it to any part of the house where they want to see it the most.

“I Am Grateful For” Dry Erase Board

Make art both functional and interactional with this dry erase board! I love this reminder to write something down every day that I’m grateful for. And then this board provides the opportunity to see that simple declaration throughout the day.

Gratitude Jar

These painted gratitude jars provide a quick and easy way to practice gratitude on a daily basis, which will only lead to increased feelings of optimism, satisfaction, and happiness. Beautifully painted jars like these look incredible anywhere!

Pick up some of these blank kraft paper gratitude notes for filling your gratitude jar.

Gratitude Gifts Anyone Will Love

Do you have a friend or loved one who might be struggling or going through a tough time right now? These gratitude gifts may be just the thing that they need to help them when they need it the most.

Gold Gratitude Necklace

Sometimes having something close to your heart is the best reminder. You can reach up and touch it with your fingertips to focus your energy on what really matters. This lovely gold necklace contains the phrase “toujours reconnaissant,” which is the French phrase meaning “always grateful.”

Gratitude Mug

For anyone who appreciates the ability to physically connect with important reminders, this mug is perfect. Plus, it’s a suggestion that many of us need: to actively choose to practice gratitude. A special keepsake from a special person – that’s the best gift anyone can receive!

Gratitude T-Shirt

Everyone needs clothes to wear! Gratitude gifts can be both beautiful and practical, right? This one is simple and goes with anything, but you can find other iterations if you want a little more “flair.”

Grounded In Gratitude Journal

Journaling is the gift that keeps giving – by putting in the effort, you reap the benefits. And this gratitude journal has it all: prompts, quotes, and space to journal for 5 years. But the stunning cover just might be my favorite part. It’s a reminder of one of the most profound benefits of gratitude.

Looking for something with less commitment? Try this 52-week gratitude journal or this simple printable 30-day gratitude journal and workbook bundle

Gratitude Tokens

Although this gift is much smaller than some of the others on this list, the best things come in small packages. This simple token will bring a powerful experience to anyone and everyone you give it to.

Gratitude Prompts

There’s a reason why we say “practice” gratitude – it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Sometimes, when we begin a new practice (such as being more aware of our gratitude), it might feel confusing, foreign, or just plain difficult at first. Use these 100 helpful gratitude prompts to spur thought and awareness as you work to become comfortable with practicing gratitude.

Gratitude Stone

Handmade gratitude stones are easily held in the hand and rubbed with the thumb to serve as physical reminders to pause and give thanks. Each stone includes a powerful message about being intentional with giving appreciation.

More Gift-Giving Ideas

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I hope this list of gratitude gifts and home decor ideas inspired you to be intentional about practicing gratitude on a daily basis. With just a little time, the act will become a part of your day that you don’t want to live without!

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