October Writing Prompts: 31 Creative Prompts For Adults

The month of October is the perfect time to let your creative freak flag fly in your writing! These October creative writing prompts will help you break out of your comfort zone and experiment with various styles and genres. 

Maybe you’ve been working with creative journaling exercises and now you’re ready to expand your creative wings, so to speak. Get inspired and motivated to write something new. If you’re up for a challenge then try some of these October writing prompts! 

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What are creative writing prompts and how can they help you get out of your comfort zone?

Creative writing prompts can be anything from asking yourself to create a narrative from the point of view of your favorite animal or using a random word generator to come up with a story. The goal is to explore different styles and genres so that you feel inspired and motivated for future projects.

Creative writing prompts can help a writer get out of their comfort zone by asking them to explore a genre, style, or point of view that they wouldn’t normally use. These prompts can help writers come up with new ideas and even improve their own personal work by experimenting.

The Benefits Of Getting Creative With Your Writing

Creative writing prompts are beneficial for many reasons. Aside from the aforementioned benefit of getting out of your comfort zone, creative writing prompts can also help you develop your skills. By writing in a new style and genre you will be exposed to different techniques and vocabulary that make your work stand out.

If you’re struggling with regular ‘real life’ journaling, you could also use these as (very) creative journal prompts. No matter what kind of writing you prefer to do on a daily basis, creative writing prompts are a great way to help get your creativity back.

Why not take advantage of the opportunity to explore and experiment? It might be just what you need to help push yourself in a different direction!

October Creative Writing Prompts For Adults

Honestly, I hadn’t planned to create a list of daily writing prompts… I was just doing to do a few. But then the list kept expanding, and I decided to go with it. Every enthusiastic writer can always use plenty of different writing prompts, right?

1. The Sound of Silent Screams
— Write a story around the loudest sound you’ve heard. What is it? Who or what is making the noise? What do you think about it? How do you react to the sound? What if you’re the only person who could hear it?

2. It’s All Up to You
— Write a story where you’re confronted with a challenge and it’s your decision whether to solve it or not. Things may go poorly if you fail to act, but what if that’s because of your decisions? Do you still feel responsible then? Do you feel good about yourself for doing nothing or bad for not trying at all?

3. A Lonely Journey
— Write about walking outside on a dark night, and what happened during that walk. Were there any unexpected encounters along the way? Did something happen that made the experience difficult — or pleasant? Did you have some sort of epiphany during your walk?

4. Upsetting the Balance
— Give us a glimpse into the life of someone who has found themselves living alone, isolated from their friends or family members for some reason. Why are they separated from their loved ones? How do they feel about being on their own? What happens when they decide to rejoin their family and friends?

5. An Ancient Conflict
— Write about two factions that have been at war with one another for a long time. What causes them to fight? Is one side ‘better’ than the other? Who is winning this war and why?

6. Clearing the Slate
— Imagine something terrible has just happened in your life, you’re left with an unsavory decision to make. How would you go about making it through?

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7. Darkness Falls
— Write about a mysterious darkness that almost seems alive. Where did it come from, what is it, how old is it, how did it get here? What kinds of creatures come out at night? How does the darkness affect different people differently?

8. A Dream Deferred
— Write about someone who wakes up from a dream that doesn’t make sense or has them mystified. What was the dream about? Was it a nightmare or something else? How do they feel when they go back to sleep and find themselves in that surreal world again? What to they try to do about it?

9. Avalanche or Accident
— Write about a disaster that happens all of a sudden – an avalanche, car accident, natural disaster, etc. What happened? Who is involved in the disaster, and how are they coping with it?

10. The Stigma of Stolen Chances
— Write about someone who is blamed for everything that has gone wrong, even though they didn’t cause any of it. How does that person react to this unfair treatment by others? How do they try to prove themselves?

11. Nature in the City
— Write about nature that is growing in the cracks of city streets or sidewalks. How did it get there? What kinds of animals, insects, and plants are thriving in the concrete jungle? How does this contrast with what you might find in a park or forest?

12. Doors and Windows
— Write about a (fictional) memory you have of opening a door – or window – and realizing that something has changed forever. What was the door, window, etc.? What happened when you realized it? How did you feel afterward?

13. The Haunting Scent of Memory
— Write about someone who smells a familiar scent that is both pleasant and painful. Where does it come from? What does it remind them of? How do their memories change the present moment for them?

14. Beauty in the Beast
— Write about someone who has to hide their true self or an aspect of their identity, and how they feel about this internal conflict. How do they choose to express themselves? How does this change as time goes by?

15. The ‘Other’
— Write about someone who is looked down upon, ignored, or persecuted for being different from those around them. Who are they and how do they feel about their differences? What kinds of experiences do they have that make them feel different? How do they change over time, and why?

16. Appearances are Deceiving
— Write about someone who is mistaken for something or someone else. What are the misperceptions that come with this mistake? How do they feel about being mistaken for another person? Do their feelings change after they correct those around them?

17. Assassin’s Creed
— You have the opportunity to travel back in time. What do you go back and change? Is it to fix something that went wrong, or improve upon what’s already there? Have fun exploring power and responsibility!

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18. The Devil’s in the Details
— It’s a cliche, but it’s true — crime is all about the details. Write a story full of lies and trickery, or a tale of betrayal. What happens in the end when someone catches on? How does it feel to be tricked the whole time?

19. The Unbreakable Key
— Write a story about a key that can unlock anything, and the power to exploit whatever lies behind the lock. What happens when the key gets into the wrong hands? Is there a way to get rid of it? Can you trust anyone who holds such destructive potential?

20. Wicked Appetite
— Write about someone with a terrible sweet tooth. What happens when they discover something to satiate their craving, only to find that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be?

21. The Last Ride
— Your character enters a car race, but there are surprises waiting along the way. Who’s involved? Are they being sent off the track, or are they doing the sending? What happens in this race that has everything going against them?

22. The Future Perfect
— Write about someone who knows their future, but can’t accept what lies ahead of them. Is there a way out of the predetermined fate? If so, how do they go about changing it? Do they succeed?

23. The Homecoming
— Write about a character coming back home after being gone for a long time and seeing how much things have changed. Is it real, or a twisted reality, and they are now trapped inside of that world. Are they aware that they’re not living in the real world anymore, or is it as real as they want to believe?

24. The Terrible Bargain
— Write a story about someone who’s made a deal to get something they desperately need or want, but at the cost of their own happiness. What happens when they realize things aren’t turning out as they expected? Do they hold up their end of the bargain, or try to escape somehow?

25. The Unreliable Narrators
— Write about someone who manipulates lives from behind the scenes. What happens when their game becomes too unreal to ignore? How do people find out, and how do they react?

October creative writing prompt for adults in white text on dark moody background.

26. The Next Big Idea
— Write about someone who has a brilliant idea for something that could change their lives, and after putting it into motion how things don’t go as planned. Are they left to pick up the pieces, or can they still find a way to succeed?

27. Death Comes in Threes
— Write about three people all dying in the same night in different places, and the person who is trying to figure out how it happened. Is someone responsible for their demise, or was it natural causes? Did the people know each other and did their lives intersect before their deaths?

28. Mysterious Dreams
— Write a story or poem about a dream you had recently. Try to make your reader feel the emotion you felt while dreaming– what did it feel like? Were you scared, excited, happy? Your dreams can help inspire creativity!

29. The Night I Went Crazy
— Write a short story about a night where you did something completely out of character. Did you get drunk and kiss someone? Did you get in a fight with your best friend? How did the next day feel, and how does it affect your life now?

30. The Man of My Dreams
— Write a poem or a short story about the perfect man/woman. Are they dark and mysterious? Are they kind, with a sense of humor? How do they make you feel? Do they love you back?

31. A Day in October
— Write a poem or short story about what happened to you on one day in October. Maybe it was your best friend’s wedding or the day you were supposed to take your driver’s test — anything! Maybe it’s just a regular nice day in October that still has significance to you.

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Things To Keep In Mind When Using October Creative Writing Prompts

There are a few things to keep in mind before using these creative writing prompts.

  • Make sure you set aside regular writing time so you don’t get frustrated with lack of time and not being able to work on the stories that may grow from these creative prompts.
  • Try your best to stay relaxed and open-minded when working on these prompts, since creativity is an important part of the process of writing. But also, don’t feel like you have to always follow any given prompt if it doesn’t inspire you.
  • Enjoy the process!

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Concluding Thoughts On October Writing Prompts

October is here and it’s time to get your creative juices flowing — change your routines, try new things, and just have some fun. The fall season can be a great time of year to draw inspiration for your creative endeavors.

If you’re looking for something to do, why not start with something from this prompt list?

Just find an idea that interests you and follow it where it leads. Then take the time to write about what happened — or didn’t happen. You’ll be surprised where your creativity can take you. Enjoy!

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