How To Make Cleaning Easier When You’re Overwhelmed By A Dirty House

Need to clean your home but dread the time and effort it takes? You’re not alone! In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to make cleaning easier so you can focus on the things you actually enjoy.

You may have read my recommendations for how to clean your house. But still… the whole process just feels so hard when it seems like your spaces are always dirty.

Read on, my friend… This post is exactly what you need for house cleaning made easier. I’m sharing my 10 best tips — everything from shifting your mindset to utilizing technology to paying someone else to do it for you.

I’m sure you’ll find something here to help make cleaning your home easier!

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First, let’s take a look at some of the reasons you might NOT be cleaning.

There are many people who actually resent cleaning. They often feel like it’s a waste of time, or that all they’re doing is cleaning up after others, or that it’s too hard physically. Maybe they just think they’re ‘bad’ at cleaning.

But these are really just excuses! The truth is that cleaning your home doesn’t have to be a huge pain all.the.time.

The thing is, when you’re stressing about the mess, then you get overwhelmed. And when the overwhelm sets in, you become paralyzed over what to do first. You feel defeated and angry before you even begin.

So, right NOW, it’s time to let go of the belief that it’s impossible for you to have a clean home. With a few simple tips, you can make the whole process a lot easier. It really is possible!

How To Make Cleaning Easier

Making cleaning easier is different than finding your cleaning motivation or learning how to stop being lazy and just clean the house.

Instead, we’re talking about how to make the ENTIRE process easier — from ‘just can’t do it’ to ‘done enough’ so you can get cleaning done faster and with less stress.

Here are my favorite tips… 

1. Work on your mindset

Right now you’re probably mired in your negative feelings about cleaning. Not gonna lie… my mind goes there all.the.time.

That said, I definitely feel differently about the entire process when I embrace a new attitude. Here are some of my favorite, more positive go-to statements:

  • Done is better than perfect
  • I deserve to live in a clean home
  • Half-assed is 100% better than nothing

Mostly the last one is what works for me. 😉 Seriously, it takes away all of the pressure of feeling like we need to do everything perfectly and completely.

Try it and see how shifting your thinking with these statements makes cleaning the house at least a little easier.

2. Focus on health hazard areas

Sure, we all want to live in a place where even the closets don’t have cobwebs and there’s not a speck of dust to be found anywhere.

But when cleaning feels hard, it’s totally okay to mainly concentrate on the germiest places — the kitchen and bathrooms.

This makes prioritizing super simple when we’re short on either energy or time.

If your mind can’t handle the thought of vacuuming AND dusting AND cleaning the bathroom… just clean the germ-filled bathroom! And maybe spray some disinfectant on other high-touch places. There… done enough!

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3. Clear the clutter

Cleaning is so.much.easier. when you don’t have to move clutter or try to clean around it. It’s less work AND less stress because you’re not spending the entire time feeling guilty about the clutter.

Clutter can be anything… including extra knick-knacks, books you’ll never read, etc. (If you think you don’t have clutter, check out this list of things to declutter that you’ll never miss.)

For real, everyone’s house gets a little cluttered from time to time. You know, like when a few extra items pile up on end tables or other flat surfaces or a delivery box hasn’t made it to the recycling bin yet.

But many people are dealing with a LOT of clutter — as in ‘can’t make full use of the spaces in your house’ kind of clutter. If that strikes a little too close to home and makes you feel uncomfortable, then it’s a pretty big deal and you CAN conquer the mess.

These declutter tips will help! 

4. Establish some small habits

Doing very small things every day that only take a few minutes makes a HUGE difference when it comes to being able to enjoy a clean(er) home.

There are a few simple habits — like making my bed — that I do my best to accomplish every day. I didn’t always do these things, so I can definitely say they do make a real difference.

Your list may be a little different. But if you don’t even HAVE a list, then start with these 4 simple habits to keep a clean and tidy home.

5. Stop sabotaging yourself

The best way to make house cleaning easier is to not have to clean so much in the first place. But… how?

Be smart about how you use your home. You can avoid a lot of dirt and messes by doing things like taking shoes off at the door off shoes and only eating in the kitchen and dining room (instead of all over the house).

Sound silly? Your cleaner house will prove it’s not!

6. Organize your supplies

Keep all of your cleaning products in an easily accessible place, like a caddy or bucket that you can carry around as you work. Having everything you need close at hand will make it much easier to clean.

Not sure what supplies you need for cleaning? You’ll want to check out my answer to ‘What do I need to clean my house?’ 

7. Try some new cleaning hacks

One of the best ways to make cleaning easier is to try some fun new cleaning hacks. There are tons of different hacks out there, and you’re sure to find one or two that work well for you.

Maybe you could try a new way to clean your windows, an upbeat music list for cleaning, or a new way to clean your kitchen counters. I actually have a list of cleaning hacks that you may have never seen and you definitely need to try!

Trying something new — like learning how to clean a cluttered house fast — can make the process a lot more interesting.

Clean white vases and grey book on dust-free shelf.

8. Set a schedule

Rather than trying to clean whenever the mood strikes, set a regular cleaning schedule for when you’ll tackle different areas of your house.

For example, maybe Monday mornings are dedicated to doing laundry and sweeping the floors, while Fridays are for deep cleaning bathrooms or making sure light switches and door handles are spotless.

Okay, seriously, just HAVING a great home cleaning schedule printable doesn’t mean you’re going to actually do the cleaning. You still have to put all the other stuff in place… like mindset, etc. 

9. Make use of technology

There’s nothing at all wrong with using gadgets to make housework easier.

I recently started using this air purifier and it really does seem like there is less dust in my house — total win since this place has always been a dust magnet.

Another extremely popular gadget is the self-emptying robot vacuum. Did you know they also make a robot mop now? I just might have to try that!

Some interesting cleaning technology now available are UV light sanitizer boxes that quickly disinfect phones, keys, and more.

How can you put cleaning tech to work for you?

10. Get help

This can be either paid or unpaid, depending on your circumstances and budget.

First of all, if anyone lives with you, then cleaning needs to be a joint effort. Everyone makes the messes, everyone cleans them up. Having someone else around to help with tasks like vacuuming and dishes can make the process significantly easier and less overwhelming.

If your budget allows and even after all of these tips, you just need to take cleaning the house off your plate, then hire a cleaning person or a service. You’ll provide income for another person… and you’ll feel better about your own home! Win-win for sure. 

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My Must-Have Cleaning Resource

Need more help for regular cleaning? My 27-page Essential Cleaning Planner has everything you need!

This cleaning planner was designed to take the stress out of cleaning. Create your personal scaled-down cleaning plan, or use the checklists as-is to stay on top of the exact cleaning and maintenance tasks that will keep your home clean and comfortable.

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Concluding Thoughts On Making Cleaning Easier

When you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed about your messy house, it’s easy to forget how good it feels to have everything clean and organized.

But making an effort to clear the clutter, keep up with routine cleaning, and set yourself up for success by having all of the right tools on hand can help make cleaning much easier!

Keep these things in mind at all times:

  • It’s less work in the long run to keep things clean than it is to let them pile up. 
  • Having a clean and organized home will reduce stress levels and make you feel happier overall.

Does that mean you’re always going to LOVE cleaning your house? Well… I can’t promise that. 😉 But I can say that implementing the suggestions from this post will help make cleaning EASIER.

So next time you’re facing down a mess or just feel like throwing in the towel on keeping things tidy, remember the things we talked about today — and get cleaning! 🙂

You’ve got this!

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  1. Habits, discipline, caring, self-doubt–all present. Yet, not a “hoarder-house” (have even had guests this year so I know that). It’s the “never-ending” aspect of it that grates on my nerves. But, I have the paint to redo, so it must get done. I needed your post today. Thank you. Sincerely, the many-times-Fly-Lady-dropout

  2. These are great tips! I have been working on breaking simple bad habits that will help my home stay cleaner, such as taking my cup upstairs with me every night, or making sure not to leave laundry on the bathroom floor. Simple things can make a huge difference. Thank you for visiting Tell It To Me Tuesday, I hope you join again this week.

  3. What a great way to kick off 2024.
    Thank you for sharing your tips for making cleaning easier at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring this post at tonight’s party and pinning too.
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