19 Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Keeping A Clean Home Easier

I’m here today with some of the best cleaning hacks and tips on cleaning that might make the job easier — or at least more bearable for you! And if you’re lazy like me or don’t like to use a lot of commercial cleaners, then these cleaning tips will really help you out the next time you’re looking for the best way to clean a wooden surface, get rid of unpleasant smells, and more…

These cleaning hacks go deeper than the daily fast and simple habits to keep a clean and tidy home and some of my other tips about how to clean your house. Really, you can use them all to enjoy a much cleaner home with much less effort. You can thank me later. 😉

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When You Don’t Want to Clean Anything (But Have To)

Sometimes, it’s just sooo hard to get motivated enough to clean.

There are days when you’re running around like a crazy person all day and the last thing on your mind is cleaning up your house.

Other times, you feel really lazy and don’t want to do anything at all. 

Often, it seems like just as soon as you start on one thing, another mess pops up and the cleaning cycle starts all over again.

Unfortunately, we can’t always call in professional cleaners and let them handle everything. That’s why I’m sharing 19 hacks and tips that will make cleaning seem less daunting or overwhelming — and hopefully faster! Then you can use your free time for doing things you actually enjoy!

Let’s get started… 

Cleaning Hacks For Clean House Basics

From kitchen cleaning hacks to cleaning floors and bathrooms, these tips will help you keep up with the pesky jobs that we always seem to procrastinate on instead of just doing them. 

For good measure, I’ve also included some miscellaneous cleaning hacks that might motivate you to take your cleaning a step further just so you can try them out.

More Cleaning Tips and Resources 

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Need more help for regular cleaning? My 27-page Essential Cleaning Planner has everything you need!

This cleaning planner was designed to take the stress out of cleaning. Create your personal scaled-down cleaning plan, or use the checklists as-is to stay on top of the exact cleaning and maintenance tasks that will keep your home clean and comfortable.

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Favorite Cleaning Products 

Everyone has those favorite cleaning tools and products that make the job just a little easier. Here are some of the things I use:

Method Products: I use the all-purpose spray cleaner (which also works fairly decently on glass), the Wood for Good daily cleaner, and the foaming hand soap every day. 

I also love the bamboo-scented antibac spray cleaner, but a little scent goes a long way… You don’t want to douse your entire bathroom with it or clean every single door handle and light switch in the entire house at once.

*Tip: You can refill the foaming soap pump with some dish soap and water several times before having to replace it with a fresh container.

Concentrated Murphy’s Oil Soap is a great all-purpose cleaner. I keep a spray bottle with a slightly heavy-duty mix on hand for quick cleanups. It’s also a good floor cleaner, especially with the amazing O-Cedar EasyWring spin microfiber mop.

There’s pretty much zero chance I’m going to vacuum the entire house and mop every day. But I have pets and live in a dust-magnet house, so I love my lightweight Swiffer sweeper and heavy-duty refills (a DIY version works if the floors aren’t too bad). 

Even if I don’t get every corner, I can quickly zip around and stay on top of the worst of the dust tumbleweeds and pet hair.

Bar Keeper’s Friend: This stuff is magic for stubborn stains and rust in my stainless steel kitchen sink and does pretty well with burned-on stovetop messes. It’s also perfect for removing rust stains from the white porcelain bathroom sinks when we forget to fill the water softener. 

Cleaning with this product is also the ONLY time I ever use a sponge (I think they’re really disgusting) — and it’s usually this one by Scotch-Brite.

To keep down messes in the microwave, we’ve used splatter covers for many years now — and thanks to those nifty devices, the microwave rarely needs a deep cleaning. Grab at least two, and you can have one in use while the other is in the dishwasher at any time. 

Old rags and inexpensive microfiber cloths round out my list of most frequently used cleaning items.

Concluding Thoughts… 

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression ‘a clean house is a happy home’ and I couldn’t agree more! 

And I also know it’s not always easy to make that happen. Hopefully, these cleaning hacks and tips will make your life easier while inspiring you to keep your home nice and tidy. 

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