11 Weekly Journal Prompts For An Effective Weekend Reset

Weekly journaling is a fantastic way to step into writing on a regular basis without committing to finding time to journal every.single.day. In this post, I’ll give you a set of weekly journal prompts and we’ll discuss some tips for how to write a weekly journal.

Journaling is a powerful skill to develop for more intentional living, and it’s always good to have plenty of journal prompts to choose from. I’m very excited to add these weekly journal ideas to an ever-growing collection of journal writing prompts (<– check them out for even more journaling prompts to keep you writing).

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Why You Should Try Weekly Journal Writing

How many times have you told yourself that you don’t have time for something? If you’re like most women, the answer is probably too many to count.

Journaling is a great way to declutter your mind, boost your mood, and reset your focus.

It’s no secret that I often recommend daily writing as a way to let go of your thoughts and add a creativite outlet to your life. But I also know that sometimes it can feel like an obligation… yet another thing on your never-ending to do list.

We’re constantly bombarded with duties and responsibilities, and it can be all too easy to let our own needs fall by the wayside. However, carving out time for yourself is essential. One way to do this is to journal on a weekly basis, making it part of your weekend recharge routine.

What To Write In A Weekly Journal

Journaling can provide a much-needed outlet for your thoughts and feelings. It can be a place to vent frustration, celebrate successes, and process emotions. It can also help you to gain clarity and perspective on your life.

The 11 weekend journal prompts in this post will give you a chance to focus your mind. You can take the time to review and reflect on the previous week before making intentional decisions about how to approach the upcoming week.

End Of Week Journal Prompts

Use these weekly reflection journal prompts to take an honest look at the previous few days.

1. What were my wins this week?

2. What did I struggle with this week?

3. Did anything come up this week that I need to address?

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4. What am I grateful for this week?

5. My one word to describe this past week is…

Check in with yourself weekly to see how you’re progressing towards your goals. Use these weekly journal prompts to help you reflect on your journey and make any necessary course adjustments.

New Week Journal Prompts

We often fall into the trap of thinking we can do all.the.things during the upcoming week. We tend to overschedule, overplan, and stretch ourselves too thin.

When answering these weekly prompts, take care to be very intentional and honest about your current capacity and how much you have within you to pour into the week ahead.

1. What are my top priorities this week?

2. What can I delegate or let go of this week?

3. What do I anticipate will be my biggest challenge this week and what are some ways I can handle it?

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4. How can I show more love and kindness to myself and others this week?

5. What new things am I open to this week?

6. My inspirational thought for the week is…

By anticipating, planning, and taking things OFF our plate, we’re better equipped to handle the inevitable surprises that come up each week.

How To Make Journaling Once a Week Work For You 

So how can you make this approach work for you? Below are a few tips: 

Schedule it

Add ‘journaling’ to your calendar or reminder app as a recurring weekly appointment for the same time and day each week. This will help you to make sure that it actually happens. 

Set a timer

Decide how long you want to spend journaling each week and set a timer accordingly. Once the timer goes off, put your journal away until next week. This may help you to stay focused and avoid getting lost in your thoughts. 

Rethink your format

If sitting down and writing in long hand feels too slow or difficult, consider other ways that you can journal. There’s nothing wrong with journaling by typing on your laptop or using a speech-to-text app like my favorite: otter.ai. The key is finding a format that works for you so you’re more likely to stick with it over time. 

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Recommended Supplies For Journaling

You really don’t need much to start weekly journaling. You can begin with a simple composition notebook or make space in your bullet journal or planner for your weekly reflection and planning.

Love the idea of making your weekly journal time more of an experience? Pick up a pretty journal you can dedicate specifically to holding all of those thoughts and plans. You might like a special notebook or a beautiful leather journal (this is the refillable leather journal I have).

What about writing instruments? Use what you like! I like Frixion erasable pens because I’m a little bit of a perfectionist, but I do find that G2 pens or RSVP pens have a smoother feel when writing. The classic (non-retractable) RSVP pens also have a nice, balanced weight.

Of course, creating a ritual with a favorite mug and some background music can make your writing time feel even more special.

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Concluding Thoughts

If you can’t seem to get into daily journaling, then I hope these simple but thoughtful weekly journal prompts will get you excited about writing in your journal in a less-pressured way.

Journaling once a week is a relatively small investment of time that can have a big impact on your intentional living goals. Give it a try and see how it goes for you as you work to build your best life.

You’ve got this!

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  1. I found this post very helpful. I have recently started to really try and journal even a little bit every day. But what has really helped is the ‘journal’ I have started using. Previously (for MANY years!) I was using the Lang Engagement Planner. I would write a little bit about each day, but 2 things bothered me. The engagement planner does not have lines to write on (I LIKE lines!) and there really was not very much space. I did some digging around and found the Lange Deluxe Planner. This is perfect. It has lines, and the daily spaces for me to use to write on are an excellent size. It has helped me write daily. I am visiting from Life & Linda Love Your Creativity.

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