Tips to Get Rid of Laziness: 5 Practical Ideas for Overthinkers

If it feels like you’ve tried (and failed) far too many times to kick the habit of laziness, I totally get you! That’s like… my entire life as an overthinker. 😉 

The good thing is, I’ve learned a thing or two over the years that really helps when you’re desperate to stop the laze. Today let’s talk about my personal favorite 5 tips to get rid of laziness

Remember, these are my personal favorites for how to not be lazy. Across my blog I share many more ways you can learn how to stop being lazy.

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How do you get rid of laziness?

Do you wonder how it would feel to be one of those people who jumps out of bed every day and effortlessly flies through their lengthy to-do list while rocking an amazing family, home, and personal growth routine?

Um, yeah… me too. LOL 

While I’m not really sure it’s possible for everyone to attain that life level, it’s super-important to realize that we don’t have to stay stuck in a life of never getting anything done because we’re just. so. lazy.

Stress and anxiety are powerful and controlling emotions. They are so strong they can make us shut down and push responsibilities to the back burner. When you tend to overthink most things in life, and you spiral at the prospect of prioritizing a to-do list, being productive can seem impossible.

On top of that, many of us deal with a perfectionist mindset and fear of failure. In the perfectionist mindset, if you don’t try, then you cannot truly fail. However, if you put your heart and soul into something and it doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped, the experience can result in deep feelings of negativity.

For many, it feels safer to ‘not try so hard.’ For in that world, it’s totally okay to sink into a lazy heap. 

How do we correct that thinking? By shifting our perspective and doing things a little differently. 

Let’s talk about 5 things I’ve found to be incredibly effective in my battle against laziness. If they help me, chances are they’ll help you also.

My Top 5 Tips to Get Rid of Laziness

Giving in to laziness is the opposite of pursuing your passion. Let that sink in for a hot second, because it’s an important basis for the rest of what I’m going to share.

Stop using the word ‘lazy’ to describe yourself

… or really anything about your actions or your daily plans. 

Find yourself so exhausted and overwhelmed that you know you can’t get much done? Then talk about scheduling a ‘light’ day. 

That gives your mind permission to take some of the pressure off, without allowing you to retreat from 100% of the things on your list.

Release the myth of multi-tasking as the only way to be productive 

For overthinkers who find themselves huddling on the couch in a pool of overwhelm instead of getting things done, this is absolutely essential. 

One of the biggest traps for overthinkers and mapping out their daily tasks is the anxiety that goes along with a long to-do list. 

Maybe you look at that list and feel a pressure in your chest because you ‘know’ you should be working on several things at the same time. That is not true — and here’s how I know mono-tasking is the best way to work. 😉 

Take a few deep breaths and take it one task at a time. Before you know it, you will have accomplished more of your to-do list than you thought possible.

If you’re one of those people on the couch and you just. can’t. even. — here are 10 tiny tasks to try when feeling lazy. You gotta start somewhere, right? 

Read and implement Atomic Habits by James Clear 

Yes, I know you’ve probably read many books on productivity over the years. 

Maybe books like David Allen’s Getting Things Done or my own The ONE FOCUS Method have helped you pull yourself out of the deepest pit of laziness. But if you’re having trouble building the habits you need to consistently not be lazy, Clear’s method really works.

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Spoil yourself

Create an amazing reward system that’s super-motivational. As in, so fabulous that you would rather accomplish tasks than indulge in yet another day-long Netflix binge. 

Along with this, don’t allow yourself to have those amazing rewards unless you do the tasks. Because coming up with the rewards and then just deciding you deserve them without having to work for them simply reinforces the laziness. 

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Hire a coach

Here’s the thing… When money is involved, we take anything more seriously. 

You could also find a paid accountability partner, but I’ve learned from experience that giving someone authority to ‘crack the whip’ when you’re being lazy makes a world of difference… even if you hate having anyone tell you what to do. 😉 

In a ‘partner’ situation, it can be a little too easy to give in to each others’ excuses and the accountability ends up thrown out the window. You don’t want to end up with a partner in laziness… You’re good enough at that on your own, am I right?

Want to get in shape? Hire a personal trainer.

Want to move your business forward? Hire a business coach.

Want to get your life in order? Hire a life coach or a therapist. They are different, but both of them will work to help you with the goals you determine together.

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Final Thoughts on Overcoming Laziness

Before you step away to start using these tips to get rid of laziness, please hear these final words: You are talented, smart and capable. Laziness does not have to define you and does not make you a bad person. 

In reading this article, you just took one step closer to changing your ways and that, my friend, is a powerful step. 

Tell that little voice in the back of your head that’s always yelling negatives in your ear to be quiet. That voice is no longer allowed here, because you’re busy working to Build Your Best Life.

Don’t expect perfect action and steady progress or instant success. We’re fighting strong habits and it’s hard to change… but then it’s so worth the effort!

And then you can reward yourself with a lazy vacation or a guilt-free weekend of Netflix. 😉 

Don’t let your to-do list and old lazy habits become the boss of you. Always remember… You are in charge of you, and you are worthy of success. 

You’ve got this!

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