30 Gifts For People Who Hate Winter {Perfect Cozy Gift Ideas!}

Anyone who hates winter knows that it can be the longest, darkest, most difficult season of the year. If you’re looking to bring a little warmth and brightness into the life of a friend or loved one who feels this way, I’ve got the perfect list of gifts for people who hate winter

There are plenty of cozy winter gifts out there that can make even the grimmest of winter days feel bearable. From cozy blankets to warm drinks and everything in between, this list has something for every indoorsy person who hates winter.

Whether you’re looking for yourself or someone else, here are some cozy gift ideas to get you started.

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Best Gifts For People Who Hate Winter

Outdoor And Winter Warmer Gift Ideas

Even winter-hating peeps need to venture outdoors at times during the winter. So first, here are some ideas to help make the experience a little more comfortable…

Heated travel blanket — Cold vehicles are the worst, aren’t they? Even if there are heated seats, that doesn’t always do the job. A travel blanket that plugs into a vehicle’s 12-volt outlet can make all the difference!

Heated vest — Really you could wear this indoors or outdoors, but let’s just pretend you have to spend some time outside on a cold winter day. Just imagine how much better you would feel wearing something that actually warms you! 

This cozy polar fleece heated vest has the heat zones on the back only — that’s actually great for someone like me who struggles with a cold, stiff back even indoors.

Don’t get confused here, but an outdoor gift might actually be appreciated. Something like bird feeders, for example. Our birds love these simple bird feeders and we keep birdseed on the porch near the feeders in a critter-proof container.

*Note: Before you buy something that will force someone to commit to feeding the birds, weigh whether or not they’ll be able to get outside every day to refill the feeders, buy and haul birdseed, etc. Or you could make the gift even better and do those tasks for them. 😉

For me, the most indoorsy person EVER, having bird feeders is a great thing, even during our freezing and snowy Michigan winters.The red cardinals bring a desperately-needed splash of color to the winter days and the dark-eyed juncos are SO cute.

Now, it’s time for indoor stuff! Everything the indoorsy person needs for a cozy winter at home…

Warm And Cozy Gift Ideas

Here are some of the cozy things that help me enjoy being at home so much.

Winter printables — like this printable ‘indoorsy’ definition — are really cute when displayed in frames. Various sizes of black frames from the dollar store will work just fine.

A few years ago, I discovered flameless candles (I noticed these tea lights have a timer – soooo convenient!). They’re perfect for a house with kids, a dog, or a curious cat.

Look for flameless candles with a remote control so you can display them inside glass jars and not have to dump out your arrangement every time you want to turn the candle on or off.

Some people LOVE winter-scented candles. I happen to be one of them. 😉 My recent favorite winter candle is cedar and oakwood. You can find good ones online, but I also got a 3-wick version from Aldi (like this one on Amazon) that is fantastic!

Huntington Home cedar oakwood candle example of warm and cozy gift ideas.

For anyone with a real wood fireplace or woodstove, homemade firestarters (← that’s exactly how I make mine) or natural fatwood sticks are always appreciated. Repackage into a rustic reclaimed wood box for a gift.

Soft blankets. We keep extra blankets everywhere.

This is my very favorite blanket. Seriously, I’ve bought at least nine of them. If you see it in stock, grab at least a couple in the twin size. They make perfect throws and have survived MANY trips through my washer and dryer while still looking great.

If your house is particularly chilly, get a heated throw and keep it where you usually sit. Oh my, reading a good book under a heated throw… heavenly!

While you’re looking for ways to stay cozy, check out this ‘I’m so freaking cold’ hoodie — kind of adult-ish, but oh-so-accurate and perfect for people who hate winter.

You can’t go wrong with gifting Amazon Prime TV — or even trying it out for yourself. We don’t get any regular television channels out here in the boonies, but we do have decent internet, so we make full use of our television subscriptions.

While we enjoy both Netflix and Amazon, if I had to choose, I would go with Amazon Prime because it also includes free shipping on other things I need and don’t want to have to shop for during the winter! 😉

A cozy winter home absolutely requires an electric kettle and a cute mug like this snowman mug or this ‘I drink coffee and I know things’ mug (it’s the same one I have and use every day) for cocoa/coffee/tea.

This year I found the PERFECT insulated tumbler for indoorsy people. This is an absolute MUST for your favorite indoorsy person and their preferred cozy winter beverage.

It’s nearly impossible to sleep on cold winter nights when you’re freezing. I absolutely recommend an electric blanket or heated mattress pad for the bed. My electric blanket is seriously just about my most favorite thing EVER. Getting into a warm bed at night is amazing!

TIP: The velvety soft plush blankets feel nice to the touch, but the silky finish means a comforter slips off the top during the night. Purchase a heated fleece blanket for more ‘grip’ to keep your covers in place.

Cozy Winter Reading And Other Hobbies

Know someone who loves to read, but can’t get to the library during the dangerous winter months? They’ll probably love a Kindle Paperwhite! Don’t forget to get a cover (*this is the kindle cover I have).

Group of winter cozy gifts on table.

I got one this past summer and really enjoy it! I even decided to spring for a Kindle Unlimited subscription to keep my TBR (to be read) list full.

Audiobooks and podcasts are so popular now… gifting an Audible subscription could be the perfect thing for a friend or family member.

Or, maybe you know someone who simply prefers the feel of a paper book. Check out these book subscriptions and see if there’s something they might like.

Board games are always a fun winter activity. Scrabble is our favorite. Some of these mystery and adventure game subscription boxes look like such a fun way to pass some cold winter nights!

Not everyone likes puzzles, but they can be very enjoyable on those dark winter nights and snowy winter days. Puzzles can take many forms — jigsaw puzzles (Schmidt puzzles are known as some of the best-quality), sudoku, word searches, crossword puzzles… maybe even make a gift basket with all of them!

Another great cozy winter hobby is coloring. There are so many options, including this snowflake mandala adult coloring book! Some other very popular options are Johanna Basford’s ‘Worlds of Wonder’ and ‘Rooms of Wonder’ coloring books.

Winter Cozy Personal Care Gifts

Step beyond the same old gift of fluffy socks. Here are some truly useful and thoughtful winter personal care gift ideas.

We have a woodstove, so I can assure you that a good humidifier really makes a difference in the moisture and comfort level of a winter home. 

And even though I sit right next to that deliciously warm woodstove all winter, I still appreciate a small personal heater to keep my feet extra-cozy.

Being an indoorsy-type person, I don’t usually like glaring bright sunlight. But I bought a UV-free full-spectrum sunlight lamp to use during the winter. This is something that people don’t often buy for themselves, but *could* find helpful during the long, dark winter when the sun rarely shines.

Group of winter gifts for women.

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Concluding Thoughts…

With these cozy winter gifts for people who hate winter, your friends and loved ones can enjoy the season in comfort. So don’t let the cold weather get them down this year — give them a cozy gift they’ll love!

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  1. Thank you! I’m definitely an indoorsy girl and I’m always cold. I found so many of your ideas helpful, in fact, some are already in my cart! Last year I purchased rechargeable hand warmer on Amazon. It’s been a game changer for me. And it would be very appreciated for anyone who suffers from arthritis in their hands.

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