31 Sizzling August Creative Writing Prompts For Adults

August is a great time to kick your summer writing into high gear! If you’re looking for prompts to keep your writing sessions strong and creative, you’ll love this collection of August creative writing prompts for adults.

Use these August-inspired writing prompts along with my other creative writing ideas to help you achieve your August writing goals or as a way to get your brain moving and creating first thing in the morning.

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The hottest days of the summer are upon us, and writing in August feels different. Maybe it’s the back-to-school preparations or the slightly shorter days, but August always feels like a month of rushing to finish things… at the same time as not wanting them to end at all.

Even with these things happening, creative writing can be a fun and relaxing way to spend your free time. As a step beyond journaling, it can also be a great way to improve your writing skills.

It always helps to have some amazing story starters to really get those creative thoughts flowing. Enjoy these 31 August writing ideas and have fun with them!

Creative Writing Prompts For August

When the heat is on at the end of the summer, these exciting August creative writing prompts for adults should help to set your writing journey on fire. Bring those new ideas and storylines to life before the summer season ends!

(Or… fun idea… use them during the winter when you’re dreaming of warmer days!)

1. Just Peachy
— After years of living in the big city, Mike decided to move back to his hometown and take over the family peach farm. But as he started to reconnect with old friends and family, he realized that life in Peachville was going to be a little more complicated than he had anticipated.

2. The Lost Pages of Childhood
— Your main character finds a pristine copy of their favorite childhood coloring book at a yard sale. What memories does it bring back?

3. Wet And Wild
— It’s a quiet summer day and your character is minding their own business when they hear a knock at the door. They answer it to find a stranger on the doorstep, covered in seawater, yet the ocean is hundreds of miles away…

4. The Hot Air Balloon
— Write a story about a couple who take a ride in a hot air balloon, but when they get caught in a storm, they’re blown off course. Where will they land?

5. Mid-Summer Festival
— There’s a festival in your town to celebrate the midway point of summer. What happens? Who goes? What does your character do there?

Chasing sandcastles August-inspired writing prompt in deep red and black text on light background.

6. Don’t Go Chasing Sandcastles
— After winning an annual sandcastle building contest, Emma is approached by a scout from a major film studio. They offer her the chance to work on the set of an upcoming blockbuster as the head sandcastle builder.

7. The Perfectionist
— With a successful career and a picture-perfect family life, it seems like Catherine has it all together – until an unexpected twist of fate during a family summer vacation unravels her carefully constructed life. What happens?

8. International Cat Day
— August 8th is International Cat Day! Have your character spend the day with their cat, doing all of their favorite things. Write the story from the cat’s POV.

9. Books And Lovers
— It’s a hot summer day, but your character has the best job in the world… they work at a used bookshop. But on this day, their ex happens to walk in…

10. Calligraphy For Bad
— Write about a character who has enrolled in a calligraphy class as part of physical therapy to improve their dexterity. As the weeks progress, they discover that they have an uncanny ability to mimic the style of old masters… and receive a job offer they can’t refuse.

11. Lazy Days
— When a heatwave hits the city, Maya finally finds the perfect excuse to stay inside and spend the lazy days working on her novel. But as she becomes more engrossed in her writing, she begins to lose track of what’s real and what’s fiction.

12. Doppelganger
— You keep seeing your doppelganger around town, but nobody else seems to notice. Are you going insane, or is something stranger going on?

13. Left-handed Compliment
— Henry is tired of people making fun of his left-handedness, but when he learns how to play guitar, he realizes that being a lefty gives him an unusual advantage.

14. Afternoon Tea
— It’s a hot summer day and your character is invited to have tea with a friend. What happens?

15. The Passenger
— Your character is driving on a deserted road at night when they see a hitchhiker. For some reason they can’t explain, they stop to pick them up…

16. Under Surveillance
— Write a story about someone who is being followed. They don’t know why, but they’re sure that they’re being watched. What do they do?

College-bound August-inspired writing prompt in deep red and black text on light background.

17. College Bound
— Your character is leaving for college at the end of the summer. What are their thoughts and feelings as they prepare to leave home?

18. Very Bad Poetry
— When Mike’s friends dared him to write a poem about his worst fear, he didn’t have to think twice — unfortunately, his poem about moths ended up causing a city-wide infestation.

19. Sleepless At The Beach
— Your character couldn’t sleep, so they decide to sit on the deck of their remote beach cottage. As they stare out at the ocean in the moonlight, they think they see creatures walking out of the water. They convince themselves that it’s their imagination playing tricks on them. But as the nights go by, the sightings become more frequent, and your character starts to feel like they’re going insane. What happens when they decide to investigate?

20. A Room With A Beach View
— A couple struggling to make ends meet decides to rent out a room in their small beachside home to make extra money. As the summer weeks pass, they find themselves renting to an eclectic mix of vacationers, including a surfer, a writer, and a retired couple. As they navigate the challenges of the short-term rental business, they discover that their tenants have their own secrets and struggles…

21. Eye of the Tiger
— A new zoo exhibit is opening and your character is assigned to cover the story. But when they get there, they realize that the tigers are more than just animals…

22. The Great Eclipse
— For the first time in recorded history, defying all science, there’s a total eclipse of the sun that lasts for twice as long as it should. What does this mean for the earth?

23. Going Viral
— Your character’s small town is thrust into the spotlight when a video of one of its residents goes viral. How do they deal with the sudden attention?

24. The Sundae Murder
— Detective Reva is called to investigate a bizarre murder scene at an ice cream parlor. The victim was found drowned in a vat of melted ice cream, and the only clue is a half-eaten banana split. As Reva digs deeper, she discovers a tangled web of secrets and lies. Can she identify who’s behind the chilling murder before the killer strikes again?

Temptress of August writing prompt in deep red and black text on light background.

25. The Temptress Of August
— A beautiful woman approaches your character and asks them to come with her. They have no idea who she is, but they can’t resist. They follow her into a dark alleyway… and disappear.

26. National Dog Day
— A famous canine actor spends National Dog Day reminiscing on his long and illustrious career, from his humble beginnings as a stray to his big break in Hollywood.

27. The Cookie Jar
— August has always been a nostalgic month for Jane. Every year she reminisces on her childhood summers spent at her grandmother’s house, with a jar of freshly baked cookies always waiting for her. But when she returns to the now abandoned home, she discovers the cookie jar is still there — and it’s not empty.

28. Pony Express
— Your character is a modern-day Pony Express rider guide for a reenactment experience entertainment company. They’ve just been given their first assignment, and nothing goes as expected…

29. Farmer’s Market
— Write a story about a small town where the Farmer’s Market is not only a place to buy fresh produce, but it’s also a great spot for the town’s matchmakers to set up prospective couples on blind dates.

30. Modern Frankenstein
— A new neighbor moves into your building. You hear strange sounds coming from their apartment at all hours of the day and night. One day you notice the name on their mailbox isn’t just Stein… It’s Franc N.

31. End of Summer Blues
— Your character is sad because summer is coming to an end. What do they do to make the most of their last few days before school starts again?

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How To Have Great Creative Writing Sessions In August

By using the August prompts in this blog post, you’ll have a good start on really enjoyable writing sessions during the month. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your time and effort:

1. Make sure you’re in a comfortable environment.

August can be hot, so make sure you’re somewhere cool and comfortable.

2. Have all of your supplies ready.

August is a busy month, so make sure you have everything you need before you start writing. This includes paper, pens, and anything else you might need.

3. Write daily.

Take some time each day to sit down and write. When I’m in a writing groove, I like to get up early and write 500 words, which really doesn’t take long.

Setting a word count goal can help you stay on track. However, if you miss a day, don’t feel like you have to ‘catch up.’ Just pick up where you left off, no pressure, and keep going.

4. Choose a prompt that inspires you.

Not all prompts will resonate with you. If you’re not feeling inspired, it’s tough to get your writing going. Choose a prompt that speaks to you and inspires you. When you’re excited about what you’re writing, it’ll show in your work.

Keep your creativity level high by mixing things up a little bit. If you’re feeling stuck with a current work in progress, see if any of the prompts can help you think differently by writing in a new direction or genre.

Nonfiction writers can use the prompts as jumping-off points for reflective essays or articles, or as warm-up session prompts. And poets can explore new forms and topics with these ideas as starting points.

5. Edit later.

Don’t worry about perfection when you’re first drafting your piece. Just get the words down on the page and worry about editing later. You can’t edit what you haven’t written, so focus on getting your thoughts down first.

6. Reward yourself.

August is a great time to give yourself a writing-related reward. Whether it’s buying a new notebook or taking a day off to write, make sure you give yourself something to look forward to.


Creative writing should be fun. If it starts to feel like a chore, take a break and come back to it later. The best writing comes from a place of joy, so make sure you’re enjoying the process.

Following these tips will help you have a great August and get a lot of writing done.

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Final Thoughts On Creative Writing In August

I hope these August creative writing prompts motivate you to keep up your regular writing routine even as summer winds down. August is a great month to focus on your writing goals, and these prompts can help you make the most of it.

Happy writing!

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