Journal Prompts For Women: 20 Essential Questions

Let’s be honest — we all carry a lot of baggage around with us in our heads. Use these journal prompts for women to get some of that stuff out in writing. Let a few things go, discover how you REALLY feel about some other things, and come up with positive task ideas.

These writing prompts for women — along with my other journal writing prompts — have been carefully selected to inspire you to deeper thinking and motivate you to take positive action. 


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Journal Prompts Can Become a Catalyst for Self-Care

What is the point of keeping a journal?

There are as many reasons for journaling as there are types of journals. But today, we are specifically discussing journaling for women. Taking the time to write responses to these prompts may be what sparks the idea of creating a special routine just for you each day. 

Maybe you never really thought about it before, but now that you’re writing in your journal every day, you have the desire for a few minutes alone — to think, dream, write.

Most people prefer to write in their journal when they are completely alone, whether it is in your bedroom at night or early in the morning while sitting at the kitchen table. This becomes a very personal and private experience, so it’s good to not have outside distractions.

Daily journaling can help you feel more relaxed and better about your days and yourself. As the thoughts move from your head to the paper, you may also start to feel like there’s a little extra space for the other thoughts you deal with every day. 

What a fantastic way to practice self-care!

20 Journal Prompts for Women

Don’t be afraid of the journey ahead of you, and do your best to respond honestly to ALL of the prompts. Some of them may feel uncomfortable. That just means you’re getting real with yourself… and that’s a GOOD thing. 

1. How has your life changed over the past year? How do you feel and how are you coping with the changes?

2. What’s the best thing about being a woman in this time period?

3. What are some issues women must deal with today that previous generations didn’t?

4. What are your top 3 values? How can you intentionally live those values every day?

5. Do the women in your family share any personality or physical traits? How has that affected your opinions of how women should look and behave?

6. Do you feel financially secure right now? Then, write about your financial plans for the next year.

7. Is there a woman in your local community who inspires you? Write about her and why she is an inspiration.

8. List 3 things you want close friends and loved ones to remember about you after you’re gone.

9. Do you think of yourself as a feminist? Why or why not?

10. How do want to feel deep inside every day? Connected, peaceful, motivated, calm, accomplished, engaged, inspired, relaxed, etc.? One of these may turn into your ‘one word’ in the next exercise, so be very thoughtful and specific.

11. Choose one positive word you’d like to focus on this year. Brainstorm a list of ways you can use that word to enhance and inspire your days and actions.

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12. What are 4 qualities you believe women should have and 4 qualities men should have? Did you make the same list for both, or were they different? If they were different, why? What does that tell you about how you think about men and women?

13. What in your life has been the most difficult thing to forgive and let go of? It may not be the worst thing, but the thing that lingered in your mind that you just couldn’t let go. If it’s still lingering, then write a letter to the person who wronged you (this is for your private journal, so feel free to be completely honest) and then try again to forgive and forget.

14. What memories do you think about most often? Are they private memories or times you shared with many others? Are they happy or sad memories? Do you need help working through the emotions surrounding those memories?

15. Who does the ‘domestic’ chores (laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.) in your home? How do you feel about that?

16. Honestly ask and answer: Are you doing the things it will take to achieve your dream life? If you continue doing all the same things, can you have your dream life in 3-4 years? If not, how much closer will you be and what might you need to change?

17. Write a one-year bucket list of things you’d like to accomplish or experience.

18. What do you think it means for women to support women? Do you think it’s important? Why or why not?

19. As humans, most of us feel most fulfilled when we help others in some way. Using your unique gifts, whom can you serve? What does that look like to you?

20. What is one thing you absolutely must begin saying ‘yes’ to? Why?

How Can You Begin a Journaling Routine?

Maybe you like these prompts, but you’re not exactly sure how to ‘do’ journaling?

There’s really no special secret. You can journal anywhere and anytime, although finding an inspirational place to write at a specific daily time is always nice. It goes back to that self-care routine we talked about earlier.

Every day is ideal if you can manage it. Fifteen minutes of journaling in the morning or evening will work wonders… or longer if you can spare the time and love the journaling process.

Do you need specific tools like a personalized leather-bound journal, an amazing RocketBook notebook, or a beautiful rose-gold pen?

Or you can write in a regular notebook and use any writing instrument you like — my favorites are Pilot black G-2 pens and Frixion erasable pens in soooo many colors

You can type your journal entries in a Word document or online in Google Docs.

You can even use a voice-to-text app if it’s easier to speak than write. I love and use because it syncs across all of my devices whether they are Apple, android, or Windows-based.

The most important thing is to begin… and then continue. 

Don’t worry about trying to get it all ‘right.’ This is journaling — there are no rules and you can’t possibly mess it up! And don’t feel guilty if you skip a few days. It happens to everyone!

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Concluding Thoughts About Journaling

If you’re making these journal prompts for women a part of your self-care practice, then you only want to associate the experience with positivity. Sure, you may write about difficult things at times, but the overall feeling you get from journaling should be satisfaction and maybe even relief at getting the ‘stuff’ out of your head.

One note: Journaling may not be for everyone. If you find yourself feeling emotionally worse at any point during the process, seek out a professional to help you work through your thoughts and feelings.

Ready to give this journaling thing a whirl? Let go of the guilt and the perfectionist expectation of having to journal the ‘right’ way. There’s no ‘right’ way — only what’s right FOR YOU.

When you’re finished working through all of the writing prompts, be sure to go back and read over what you’ve written. I think you’ll be amazed at what you write AND how you feel about the process.

You’ve got this!

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