30 Journal Prompts for a Positive Body Image

Today I’m sharing 30 journal prompts for body image that will help you work on building acceptance and positivity when it comes to body confidence and your self-love journey.

We can read plenty of self-worth quotes that help us feel better about our mental, emotional, and non-physical capabilities. And those are great! But overall, loving ourselves and feeling worthy needs to include both the mental and physical aspects of our person.

These journal prompts can show us different ways to work on how we think about our body image so we can live more intentionally and positively.

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What is Body Image?

Your body image is how YOU see and feel about your body and your physical appearance. Your body image can be positive, negative, or somewhere in between.

Most people have a mix of positive and negative thoughts and feelings about their body parts. Unfortunately, we usually learn to look at and speak about ourselves negatively, even when what we see is not reality.

How Does Body Image Affect Us?

Body image affects every aspect of our lives. It determines how you feel about yourself and how you interact with others. Poor body image issues can lead to low self esteem, eating disorders, limiting beliefs, and depression.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and immediately started listing your flaws? Or avoided a mirror altogether… and still carry a mental list of the physical things about you that somehow make you feel ‘unworthy.’

As a woman, I know that feeling all too well.

It’s hard to be confident when we’re constantly surrounded by images of women who seem perfect and flawless.

Despite what social media might want you to think, you are not defined by your body. It does not define our capabilities, potential, and character.

In fact, true beauty does not lie in the perfect shape of our body, but in what’s within us. We cannot let the world make us believe otherwise. 

But how do we do that? It’s not practical to just go out and try to change what the world thinks, but we can change our perception about our body to love it more.  

*note: If you feel unable to control your thoughts or negative feelings, please seek the help of a mental health professional immediately.

So, if you struggle with negative body image, and want to accept and embrace your body the way it is, you’re going to love these journal prompts for a positive body image!

Let’s begin!

30 Journal Prompts for Body Image

1. Write down ten amazing things that you’ve accomplished in life that have nothing to do with how you look. For instance — winning a sports medal, getting admission to one of the top universities, independently organizing a charity event, etc.

2. Write down what you would say to a friend who is struggling to accept themselves because of their body? 

3. Write down the top ten qualities of your body that you are proud of. For example — your smile, curves, the shape of your lips, hair, etc.

4. If you had the chance, what would you say to the person who bullied you because of your body? Be as savage and badass as you can. 

5. How can you honor your body?

6. What do you think you can do to pamper your body?

7. Remember that sleeveless top you refused to wear because you thought your body was not appropriate for it? Well, put it on and wear it today. How did you feel?

Woman with wavy blond hair and body tattoos sitting on white bed in sunny room while typing on laptop computer.

8. What would you like to say to those people who suggest you eat less/eat more?

9. Stand naked in front of a mirror — or at least in your undergarments; watch yourself and try to normalize the way you look. Journal how you felt afterward.

10. Do you wish you looked like someone else? Walk that back a few steps and write a journal entry about why YOU are just as admirable as that person. 

11. Do a filter-free photoshoot, without moving to the angle that you think makes you slim/curvy. How did that make you feel? 

12. Post that photo now without any edits. How did you feel? What would you like to tell people?

13. Do you think people treat you differently because of your body? How does that make you feel? And would you like to say to these people? 

14. Is there a food item that you forbid yourself from consuming because you thought you would gain weight? How does that make you feel?

15. What are some qualities you admire in some people? Remind yourself that these qualities are what make them beautiful.

16. Write about all the people who love the way you look currently.

17. Write down all the reasons for losing/gaining weight or altering your appearance. Examine the validity of those reasons.

18. How do you think movies and TV series portray the body? What would you like to tell them? (Bonus… write your own story where the heroine has an ‘imperfect’ body and doesn’t feel the need to change herself.)

19. How would you respond to your younger self who refused to wear a bikini because of body issues? 

20. How does food make you feel? Do you regret it, do you relish it? Which of the two is ideal? 

21. Sleep with the least amount of clothes tonight. How did this make you feel?

22. Talk to someone who has been equally insecure about their body. Have an honest conversation, but be careful not to feed into negativity. Afterward, write about how the experience made you feel.

23. What would you like to tell those models who starve themselves just to stay ‘in shape?’ 

24. How does not putting on makeup feel? 

25. Write about the people who refused to be your friend or didn’t like you because of the way you look. Why were they wrong?

26. Do something you had been afraid to do because of your body insecurities. How do you feel now?

27. What is that one wardrobe compromise you regret? Give yourself a positive body response.  

28. What do you tell yourself when you don’t feel so good about your body? Turn it into a positive affirmation. 

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29. Which piece of clothing are you most comfortable in? Why? 

30. Do you wish your body to change? Why/why not?

How is Body Image Related to Intentional Living

What Is The Difference Between Body Positivity And Body Acceptance?

Body positivity is about celebrating all body types, while body acceptance is about acknowledging and accepting that all bodies have flaws.

Body acceptance is about being kind and gentle to yourself, while body positivity is more about having high self-esteem and the absolute belief that your body is perfect exactly the way it is — especially when your body doesn’t fit society’s norm.

Do I Have To Practice Body Positivity To Live An Intentional Life?

Absolutely not! However, body image is a big part of our lives whether we realize it or not. Our body image can dictate how we dress, how we interact with people, and even our goals and dreams. If our body image isn’t positive, it can be difficult to live an intentional life. We may feel like we’re not good enough or that we don’t deserve to live our dreams.

That’s why it’s so important to do the work of improving our body image and practice body acceptance.

If radical positivity is your thing, then you do you! 🙂

But most of us don’t start right off being body positive, and it’s totally okay that we need to start in a different place, with body acceptance or even body neutrality. This post and these journal prompts for body confidence are for those of us who are working on ‘acceptance’ first.

What Are The Benefits Of Building a More Positive Body Image?

When we have a more positive body image, we feel better about ourselves and let our inner person shine.

We know that we are worthy of happiness and success, and we can pursue our dreams without feeling guilty or ashamed.

How Can I Feel Better About My Body?

The most effective thing you can do to feel better about your body is to avoid engaging in social comparison. Don’t compare yourself to the airbrushed models you see in magazines or on social media.

Instead, think in terms of being healthy… how you nourish yourself physically and mentally, how you move with intention and purpose, etc.

Challenge your negative thoughts about your body. When you notice yourself having a negative body image thought, ask yourself ‘is this thought true?’ and ‘does this thought help me live a better life?’ If the answer is no, then let it go!

*note: If you feel unable to control your thoughts or negative feelings, please seek the help of a mental health professional immediately.

Here are a few more suggestions to build your own body image:

  • Take a step back from social media, perhaps even unplugging completely for a while.
  • Focus on your positive qualities and the things your body allows you to do.
  • Spend time building positive relationships with people who support and respect you.
  • Practice self-care activities in a healthy way, without focusing on how these activities affect the way you look.
  • Accept yourself, flaws and all.
  • Create your own list of daily affirmations to remind yourself of your greatest strengths.
  • Journal about your journey of body acceptance, self-love, and positive body image.

Journaling can also help improve our body image in a private and intentional way. Journaling can help us to get in touch with our thoughts and feelings, and it can be a great way to track our progress in thinking.

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Concluding Thoughts About Building A Positive Body Image

The beautiful thing about humans is that we’re all different, and this means we all have something unique to contribute to this world. This uniqueness should be celebrated!

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of pressure in society today telling us otherwise – telling us that only those with perfect bodies deserve happiness and love; telling us that anything other than ‘perfect’ isn’t good enough.

But that’s not true! You are valuable and amazing, and you can have a positive impact no matter what your body type. And journaling prompts can be a powerful tool in helping you to remember that as you build a better body image.

Use these self love journal prompts as a springboard for improving your self image to appreciate and love your body just the way it is.

You’ve got this!

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