November 2016 Monthly Menu Plan | {+ Free Printable Dinner List} We’ve got crockpot meals, soups, hearty ground beef dinners, and several Mexican meals to look forward to during November… |

November 2016 Monthly Menu Plan – Cozy, Hearty, Beefy Meals

{FREE printable meal list + links to 20 recipes}   How this month’s menu came together: Winter is well on the way — we actually had a bit of snow last week! Also, lately I’ve been craving Mexican food. Like, REALLY craving! AND we purchased a beef quarter, so I’ve Read More

Oriental Chicken Salad -

Oriental Chicken Salad

This Oriental Chicken Salad is a great main dish during the summer – or if you need some extra green during the dreary days of winter! The homemade dressing is very simple, but be sure to give it time to chill in the fridge. The original MSG-heavy (but so tasty!) Read More