180 Personal Word of the Year Ideas {Free Printable List}

Does the idea of having a focus word to guide your year fascinate you, but you can’t find the ‘perfect’ word? Keep reading, because I’ve got some great word of the year ideas for you in this post — AND a free printable!

If you already have a few possibilities in your head and need help narrowing down your options, hop over to this post about how to choose your word for the year.

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If you’ve never chosen a word of the year, then allow me to encourage you to please give it a try!

I chose my first word of the year in 2016. Hey, it seemed like everyone else was doing it… I wanted in on the fun. 😉

Well, let me tell you something. Choosing that word changed the way I thought about everything that year.

We all have good things and bad things happen during any year. Having a preset word through which we filter those events and our reactions is so powerful!

If you’ve never tried it, let this be the year you find out how amazing of an experience it can be!

How Can a List of Multiple Word of the Year Ideas Help You?

If you’re an overthinker, you might be wondering why I’m posting about a massive list of words like it’s a good thing. All you can think about is how difficult it would be to choose your word if you have too many to choose from.

Well… CAN you have too many options or a list that’s too long?

Honestly, I don’t think so! As a fellow overwhelmed overthinker who tends to overanalyze everything, I truly believe that — in this case — having one big list is better than trying to work with a small list… and then constantly wondering if maybe you should look around more before making a final decision.

This list has more than 180 words — plenty to choose from and inspire you, and you won’t feel like you have to spend more time to keep searching for more possibilities.

The Great Big Printable List of Motivational Words

Sometimes all it takes to discover a direction for your entire year is finding that one perfect word. With this one-word inspiration list, you have plenty to choose from. No more waiting for the perfect word to jump at you out of nowhere.

Although… it could. It does happen that way for a lot of people. Be open to what your thoughts and feelings are telling you. 

However, at the same time, you may know your word, but not KNOW you know it until you SEE it… like on this handy printable list. 😉 

Here’s a small sample of 30 entries from my word of the year ideas list:



You may find exactly what you’re looking for in those 30 words. But if not, grab the printable that has 150+ MORE words to inspire you. Fill out the form below and the printable list will be sent right to your email box.

STILL not enough words? You may find this word generator helpful.

How to Use Multiple Words That Inspire You

But… say you hate following rules. The idea of choosing a guideword is interesting, but you don’t know if you can choose one word to use for an entire year. What can you do?

First, let me say that a year goes by very quickly. LOL. Before you know it, you’ll be getting ready to choose next year’s word.

That didn’t convince you?

Okay, fair enough. But I had to try. 😉

Here are three ways you can use multiple motivational words throughout the year:

  • Choose a new inspirational word every three months. This works especially well if you plan your year by quarters.
  • Choose one word for the year. Then, choose a complementary companion word every three months. This combo helps keep your ‘one word’ fresh and super-relevant.
  • Choose a set of three words that sound beautiful together. Think of it like the ‘live, laugh, love’ signs that have been around for years, but you get to choose your own words.
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Next Steps for Using Your Word of the Year

Now that you’ve gone through these word of the year ideas and actually HAVE a word, you’ll want to make the best use of it.

One thing you can do is keep it front and center, visible in the places you see often every day. Places like your bathroom mirror, or a pretty framed printable sign, a keychain, your daily planner… anywhere that will help to remind you and guide you.

You’ll also want to use your word as you set and work toward your goals. It will help you prioritize so you don’t get mired in indecision and ‘should-do’ tasks.

Whether you choose to keep your word of the year private or tell everyone you know, don’t be afraid to use that word INTENSELY every. single. day. as you work to Build Your Best Life.

It will be worth it. 🙂

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