November One Word Journal Prompts {Free Printable}

As we begin the transition from fall to the first hints of winter, daily journaling helps us reflect on the season while recording our feelings, emotions, and daily events. Here is a collection of one word November journal prompts to help us hold onto the last days of autumn.

I hope these November printable writing prompts will spark your imagination as you build a journaling habit. Don’t forget to check out more journal writing prompts and November journaling ideas to keep you inspired to write. 

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If there’s one thing I know about journaling, it’s never completely predictable. Perhaps you won’t stick to straightforward journaling about your day, but find yourself in a fantasy world of fiction or altered reality. 

I love when that happens! It means you’re allowing yourself to fall in love with writing and giving yourself permission to dream and truly escape reality. Not that reality is necessarily bad — 😉 — but sometimes we all need a little break.

Journaling is one of the best ways I know to give yourself that break.

Why Print Out a List of Writing Prompts?

Couldn’t you just look at the list online every day? 

Yes, of course you could. 

But here’s the thing… avoiding all distractions when you write is the best way to focus and let your mind really work. 

If you’ve never kept a journal by hand before, give it a try. Grab a notebook, print out this list of prompts, and just start writing every day.

Journaling Prompts for the Month of November

You don’t necessarily have to use these November writing prompts in order. You do you. 🙂

Just remember, if you use all the ‘fun’ words first, you may be less inspired to stick to a daily journaling habit toward the end of the month.

Sometimes it’s better to go in order. If the day’s word doesn’t spark your creativity and an immediate flow of words to write, roll it around in your head for a minute.

Does it have more than one obvious meaning? Look deeper, and you may find yourself suddenly writing like crazy.

Can you write from a different angle? Use a quote or saying which incorporates that word. Or write a piece of fiction.



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Daily Journaling Tools

As I mentioned before, you don’t need any special items for using daily journal prompts. But if you do want to ‘fancy up’ your journal with a special notebook and pens, here are some recommendations:

Frixion erasable pens — I absolutely love these! I find the stick-style pens seem to write more smoothly than the larger refillable style.  

Prefer to write with a non-erasable pen? I like the smooth flow of the Pilot G2 in size .7 — not too fine to skip when writing, but not too bold or messy.

I’ve come to appreciate notebooks with hard covers, thick paper, and no spiral binding. ? So much easier to write in. Try this notebook with a pen loop or this journal available in several pretty cover patterns — scroll down to see more covers.

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How to Begin a Daily Writing Routine?

If you’ve never been a ‘writer’ and you landed upon this post by chance, you’re probably wondering how to begin journaling with daily writing prompts.

Do you need a special notebook or special pens?

Nope! You can write in a regular notebook with any writing instrument you like. 

There are also other ways to journal if you aren’t into writing lots of words by hand:

— You can use the daily word prompt as the basis for a drawing.

— You can type online in a google doc or word doc. Just remember what I said earlier about distractions. 😉 

I know professional writers who avoid distraction by using an old laptop that doesn’t connect to the internet and ONLY has a word processing program installed. That is where they do ALL of their writing.

— You can speak your journal thoughts into a speech-to-text program like I love this app and use it at least a couple of times every week.

— You can use a journaling app.

And you don’t need an hour to focus on writing. Fifteen minutes in the morning or evening will work wonders to help your mood and make a real difference in your life.

The most important thing is to begin. And then continue…

Build Your Best Life
You’ve got this!

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