31 August One Word Writing Prompts For Adults {Free Printable}

If you find regular journaling prompts or writing prompts a little bit overwhelming, then these August one word writing prompts may be exactly what you need! 

Let’s talk about why single word writing prompts are such a valuable resource and why this set of August prompts is the perfect way to spark your creativity every day of the month.

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The Benefits Of Using One Word Prompts

As an overwhelmed overthinker who writes for many reasons, I love one word writing prompts! 

While ‘regular’ prompts definitely have their place, I often have a difficult time crafting the ‘right’ responses to more detailed journaling prompts and writing prompts. I overthink them to the extreme.

But a single word prompt? Oh, those are like magic! One word can light a spark that sends my mind on an adventure… and I never have to worry about whether or not I’m answering a prompt ‘correctly.’ I can simply write and not have to overthink a single thing.

One word prompts can be an amazing springboard to all sorts of creativity, especially journaling and crafting fabulous fiction.

And even though this list is titled ‘writing prompts,’ there’s nothing stopping you from using them as something like daily art inspiration.

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August One Word Writing Prompts

If you’re even slightly obsessed with seasonal writing or monthly themes, then you’ll absolutely get on board with this prompt list. It’s got all of the end of summer vibes and captures the essence of the changing season.

1. Last chance

2. Sunrise

3. Prepare

4. Scurry

5. Nervous

6. Slow

7. Ripe

8. Mature

9. Dream

10. Brave

11. Fair

12. Vacation

13. Travel

14. School

15. Life lesson

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16. College

17. Roommate

18. Homesick

19. Vanity

20. Manners

21. Supplies

22. Stockpile

23. Incomplete

24. Patience

25. Flow

26. Expand

27. Create

28. Believe

29. Grand

30. Intentional

31. Satisfaction

How To Use These August Writing Prompts

I want to remind you that writing is a uniquely personal experience. So no matter what type of writing you’re doing with this list, always remember, ‘You do you!’ 

That’s one reason each one word writing prompt is so powerful. Single words never lock you in to answering specific questions or writing on pre-determined topics. 

Instead, you can choose whichever word strikes your fancy for the day. And it doesn’t matter if you’re journaling your feelings or writing flash fiction. Even a faint glimmer of inspiration can quickly catch fire in your mind as you write. 

However, if you have difficulty making decisions (I’m looking at you, fellow overthinker), I suggest beginning with the first word on the list and going in order day by day. Wasting time choosing the ‘best’ word each day can extinguish the creative spark — and we don’t want that to happen!

Many of these words can have more than one meaning, which adds an extra dimension of possibilities. Don’t be afraid to explore using these words in unfamiliar ways.

If you’ve never done daily writing by hand before, give it a try. Grab a large spiral-bound notebook or a smaller softcover journal and a pen, print out this list of prompts (click HERE to have the printable sent to you), and just start writing every day for about 20 minutes.

Prefer writing with a keyboard? That’s okay too! There are a lot of days when I need the speed of typing to get all of the stuff out of my head. 

Speech-to-text is also an option! When my thoughts are still a little unclear, sometimes I like to just ramble out loud using otter.ai to transcribe my speech. Then it’s super-easy to edit the transcription in a google doc… plus it syncs between all of my devices. 

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I hope this collection of August one word writing prompts has inspired you to begin — or continue! — a daily writing habit that brings joy to your life and gets those swirling thoughts out of your head and down on paper!

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