20 Brilliant ‘What If’ Journal Prompts For Adults

Whether you’re a seasoned journaler or just starting out, incorporating ‘what if’ journal prompts into your routine is a great idea. ‘What if’ journal writing prompts can jumpstart your goal-setting, explore your creativity, and keep your journaling habit fresh.

This collection of journal prompts — all beginning with ‘what if’ — can help expand your mind by imagining what could be possible in your life. These what if prompts are a thoughtful addition to my entire journal writing prompts collection.

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Personal development and journaling go hand-in-hand. The two practices encourage you to reflect on your life, assess what’s working and what isn’t, and set powerful goals for yourself.

What if we started each day with a ‘what if’ question to get our thinking or writing gears turning? What if we used these prompts to explore new ideas, reflect on our goals, or simply document what’s on our mind?

The possibilities are endless!

These journal prompts can be a fun and useful way to explore our dreams and desires. That exploration is an important piece of building an intentional life.

What If Journal Prompts

1. What if I took a chance and tried something new?

2. What if this week, instead of hitting the snooze button in the morning, I got up when the alarm went off and started the day with some quality ‘me time?’ How could that change my day? 

3. What if I let go of my fears and embraced change in something I’m currently resisting?

4. What if I lived each day as if it were my last? How would that look?

5. What if I pursued my dreams instead of waiting for them to come to me?

6. What if today, I only spoke to myself with kindness? How would that make me feel? 

7. What if I dedicated myself to my passions?

8. What if I decided to be 100% honest with everyone in my life, even if it’s uncomfortable? What would happen? 

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9. What if I had no access to social media or text messaging for one year?

10. What if everything in my life were exactly as I’d always wanted it to be? What would that look like? 

11. What if I said ‘yes’ more often?

12. What if I said ‘no’ more often?

13. What if I could instantly be fluent in any language? What would it be? What would I do with this new skill? 

14. What if I stopped comparing myself to others and started valuing my own uniqueness?

15. What if I chose love over fear in all aspects of my life?

16. What if this week, I decided to disconnect from technology for at least 30 minutes each day and connect with the people and things around me instead? 

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17. What if I made a huge life decision today that I know is the right thing to do, but goes against everyone’s expectations for me?

18. What if I decided to look for something to be grateful for in everything that happens to me, good or bad? How would that change my outlook on life?

19. What if I stopped procrastinating and started taking action on my dreams today? 

20. What if I accomplished all of my goals in the next 10 years? What would I do next?

Why Use These ‘What If’ Journaling Prompts?

They’re designed to make you think about different areas of your life, and how you can make changes or improvements.

Many of the questions require you to imagine a situation that’s outside of your current reality – this is intentional, as it allows you to dream and think big!

The great thing about these prompts is that they can be used again and again, whenever you feel the need.

These what if journal prompts are just the beginning. Use them as a springboard for your own ideas, and see where they take you. Who knows, you may come up with thoughts and goals that you never expected!

How To Use ‘What If’ Journal Writing Prompts

As with everything else about journaling, there’s no right or wrong way to use these prompts. You may wish to answer one every day, one per week, or all of them at once.

You could focus on one prompt for an extended period of time, or move through them quickly. It’s completely up to you! If you find that a particular prompt resonates with you, then by all means spend some extra time on it.

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Answer the questions in as much detail as possible. The more you write, the more insight and clarity you will gain.

As for what supplies to use for your journaling practice, that’s also up to you! You can begin with a simple composition notebook. Or you could make space in your bullet journal or planner for shorter journaling responses.

Want to make your journal writing time more of an experience? Try using a pretty journal that you can dedicate specifically to holding all of your prompts, thoughts and plans. You might like a special notebook or a beautiful leather journal (this is the refillable leather journal I have).

What about writing instruments? Use what you like! I like Frixion erasable pens because I’m a little bit of a perfectionist, but I do find that G2 pens or RSVP pens have a smoother feel when writing. The classic (non-retractable) RSVP pens also have a nice, balanced weight.

Of course, creating a journaling ritual with a favorite mug and some background music can make your writing time feel even more special.

What’s The Best Time To Journal?

The best time to use these prompts is when you have some quiet time to yourself and won’t be interrupted. That way you can really get into a flow state.

Many people find it helpful to journal first thing in the morning, as it sets the tone for the day ahead. Others prefer evening journaling, as it allows them to process their thoughts and emotions from the day.

You may even like to do both, so choose a time that works best for you!

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Concluding Thoughts

I hope these what if journal writing prompts inspire some introspection, reflection, and even positive goals and changes!

Remember, there are no wrong answers when it comes to ‘what if’ journaling. Just allow yourself to explore, dream, and think outside the box. Who knows what you’ll discover about yourself in the process?

You’ve got this!

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