5 Outstanding Reasons You Need to Try Minimalism!

While minimalism can sound like a stark and restrictive way to live, that’s really not the way it is at all. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits and five specific reasons to try minimalism.

Making minimalism part of your life is quite a change if you’re used to the ‘standard’ consumerist society we live in today. The ideas in this post just might help change your mind, and they can become an important part of your journey to stop being a victim of clutter.

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Note: This post was written by contributor Jessalynn Jones and reflects her personal experience with minimalism.

Do you want to be a minimalist?

At first thought it’s probably the last thing on your to do list. In fact, you may be repelled by the idea.

You don’t want to live in an almost empty white room with uncomfortable furniture. You don’t want to wear a futuristic tan linen uniform.

I get it! That’s what I used to think about minimalism too! In fact I used to be a little collector. Kind of like the little mermaid, I loved getting my hands on every little trinket and memento I could find.

But now I am a minimalist and I love it so much that I write a blog about it! There are so many benefits to the minimalist lifestyle that I want to share it with everyone I can.

What are the benefits of minimalism? How can the minimalist lifestyle help you? Let’s find out!

What is The Minimalist Lifestyle?

Before we get into the benefits of the minimalist lifestyle let’s clarify the idea of it.

Does minimalism really mean you have to live with almost nothing and be practically miserable and ultra-modern?


Minimalism is all about having less. That’s true. But that mental picture you have is really influenced by two things.

The first is the minimalist aesthetic as seen in fashion, home décor, and architecture.

The second is the EXTREME minimalists that get the most attention.

Put all those ideas out of your mind.

The minimalist lifestyle that is truly beneficial for everyone is a way of life focused on breaking free from the rampant consumerism we are surrounded by. It is a lifestyle in which you take back control of what you purchase and what you own.

The consumer society we are surrounded by has you buying all the things and trying to store them because you feel guilty getting rid of them. On the other hand, the minimalist lifestyle lets you shed that unwanted weight and enjoy owning only things that you want, need, and use.

The minimalist lifestyle lets you lighten your load in other ways too. Once you learn what you really want your life to look like you can streamline your schedule, your work, and even the way you think!

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So that’s it in a nutshell. Now you know what the minimalist lifestyle is really all about. Now let’s talk about why you need to give it a try!

1: You Need to Try Minimalism if You Need More Time and Energy

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The first benefit of the minimalist lifestyle addresses a problem everyone has. No one seems to have enough time and energy.

Some people have crazy hectic schedules. Others can’t seem to keep up with their housework. And tons of people struggle with chronic illnesses which significantly reduce the energy they have to get things done.

What do all these people have in common?

The last thing they want to do on weekends and evenings is clean, organize, and maintain the junk in their house.

But they have to. And all too often they don’t have any time and energy for anything else which makes for a really boring and unfulfilling life.

What’s the solution?

While you can’t stop taking care of your home entirely you can have less STUFF to take care of. You can learn how to declutter your home at your own pace so you will have less stuff to clean and put away.

You can also reclaim your time and energy by having fewer commitments. The minimalist lifestyle helps you do that because when you buy less stuff you spend less money and you can work less.

Last but not least minimalism buys back your time and energy by training you to say no to the unnecessary.

2: Minimalism Can Help You With Your Relationships and Mental Health

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What is another thing that the minimalist lifestyle can help improve?

Mental health and your relationships. Those are things that affect literally everyone.

So how can minimalism help with them?

Obviously you will have less stress if you have more time. But what are some other ways that minimalism can help you with your mental health and relationships?

First of all clutter has been proven to stress us out! It’s true. When put in a cluttered room people’s cortisol levels rise. On the other hand when in a tidy open space people feel calm and even creative.

On top of that, when you have less stuff to worry about and fewer commitments in your schedule you have less anxiety. Instead you have to time for rest, self-care and things that make you happy.

What makes you happier than having more time with family and friends?

Yes! Minimalism helps with that too!

When you take the focus off of getting stuff and taking care of stuff and getting your money’s worth out of stuff you start focusing on people. And when you are less stressed and have more time to be there for friends and family everyone wins!

3: The Minimalist Lifestyle Will Transform Your Finances!

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What is one of the biggest of all stressors in life?


When you have money you worry about losing it and when you don’t have money you worry about getting it. Worrying about money can take a big toll on your marriage. It can even steal all the happiness from your life.

But what if you lived under your means instead of at the edge of them? What if you were happily contented with the simple things and started paying off debt? Could you even start putting money in savings?

Minimalism can help you transform your finances.

You might not believe me till you try it but we spend a lot of money on random junk! When you minimize the Target runs, the late night Amazon binges, and the $7 coffees you maximize your wallet.

But the minimalist lifestyle can go farther than that!

If you have less stuff you might decide to declutter and downsize. That means a smaller rent or mortgage payment but it also means lower electricity, plumbing, taxes, and insurance bills. That could add up fast!

What if you kept your used car for a couple more years? Or what if you didn’t have to have the latest iPhone?

The key to minimalism transforming your finances is learning to see all you have, taking time to truly appreciate it and then cultivating contentment in having “enough”.

So why not try it and see how minimalism can save money and help you pay off debt and start saving money instead?

4: Minimalism Makes You More Flexible!

Minimalist living room with calm gray walls and furniture with simple accessories.

Have you ever had to turn down an invite to the movies cause you can’t afford it? Do you like to turn down fun with friends in favor of house chores? Have you considered moving or changing jobs but felt like it would just be way too much work?

Or worse, have you lost your job and been stuck with all your obligations and no savings?

In this world nothing is really predictable. Sometimes things we think are secure like our jobs and our health disappear in a day! At other times amazing opportunities present themselves without any warning and we aren’t prepared to take them on.

A lot of people collect money and things because it makes them feel more secure. But it’s a false security that can tie you down.

Instead, as we learned during the pandemic when we needed to move in with my parents to help them, flexibility is your real security. When you have flexibility you can roll with the punches life throws in your face.

Now that things are better, the flexibility we have is also opening up awesome opportunities.

But we wouldn’t have any of that flexibility if we had owned a big house full of stuff. Instead, the fact that we were already living a minimalist lifestyle is what saved us.

Would you like more flexibility for the good and bad things in life? If you do then you need to try minimalism!

5: The Minimalist Lifestyle Will Help You Achieve Your Goals!

Person relaxing in living room with warm sunlight providing a golden glow.

Last but not least we have arrived at the biggest reason I am jazzed about minimalism. I’m about to make a really big claim. Promise not to laugh.

The minimalist lifestyle will make your dreams come true!


Well think about your goals. The ones you haven’t achieved. The ones you have given up on and now call “dreams”.

Why didn’t you achieve those things?

Because you got distracted and weighed down by work and buying stuff and working more and buying more stuff! What we call “normal life” has tied you down and you haven’t had the time, energy or money to do the things you really wanted to do with your life.

That stinks. I hate feeling like I’m in a hamster wheel. How about you?

So what can you do to get out of the rut you’re in? You guessed it. Try minimalism!

Minimalism is all about deciding what really matters and makes you happy and removing the rest. When you simplify every part of your life you will start going for your goals like an athlete.

Athletes don’t get distracted with a bunch of extraneous stuff. They focus and practice and work hard till they reach their goals!

You already know that the minimalist lifestyle will help you pay off debt, work less, have less to take care of and more time and energy for the things that you want to do.

What are those things you want to do?

Do you want to start your own business, become an artist, do more of an active hobby, grow a family, move to another country, travel more or volunteer to help others?

Which one of those are possible to achieve if you give them your focus?

Because of the minimalist lifestyle I am able to volunteer regularly, spend lots of time with my friends and family, enjoy active and creative hobbies, travel, and start my dream job of writing with my very own blog!

What big goals do you want to achieve? How can the minimalist lifestyle make your dreams come true?

Will You Try The Minimalist Lifestyle?

Are you convinced yet?

The minimalist lifestyle is about so much more than stark rooms and sleek lines. In fact, it doesn’t have to look like that at all.

Since the minimalist lifestyle is all about keeping what you love and getting rid of the rest it will fit your style no matter what it is!

I know you want a happy simple life. That’s what we all want.

But somehow we get distracted by stuff. Instead, refocus your life on people and experiences and your goals! Let minimalism help you do that!

I promise if you give the minimalist lifestyle a try, if you simplify just a little bit, you will feel the difference right away. But I can tell you that till I’m blue in the face. You will never believe me until you try it for yourself!

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