Best Paper Organizers: 9 Solutions To Fit Any Situation

Even in this digital age, most of us still deal with a lot of important papers that need to be kept organized. We need the best paper organizers to keep bills, craft papers, mail, projects, and all the other stuff in a place that’s easy to access, organized, and looks nice.

Different situations call for different types of paper organizing tools. So, what are the best paper organizers available? That depends on what and where you are organizing your papers. Kitchens, home offices, cubicles, and craft rooms all have papers that need organizing.

Here are some of the best paper organizers for any situation:  

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Craft Room and Home Office Paper Organizers

Shelf Organizer for Papers

If you have a lot of papers to organize and they need to be visible, a 12-shelf organizer for papers like the PAG Wooden Literature Organizer Sorter is a good one to check out. It’s great for sorting stacks of papers or even holding reams of paper for your printer.

At approximately 20” wide x 12” deep, it’s small enough to sit on a desk or countertop. You could also stack multiple organizers on the floor for more storage.

Pro: This unit is made of melamine boards, so it’s quite sturdy. It’s also available in different finishes to match your decor.

Con: The shelves are only large enough to hold US-letter size paper. You won’t be able to store large scrapbook paper or file folders with tabs.

Need large paper storage for your IKEA Kallax units? This Stamp-n-Storage 12×12 Paper Holder is crafted to fit perfectly!

The unit comes with 12 storage slots — just picture your rainbow of paper or cardstock on beautiful display. Each shelf except the center one is removable for completely customized paper storage.

*Note — They also carry an IKEA-compatible 8.5×11 Paper Holder

Pro: This company takes pride in building quality organizers of sanded birch plywood.

Con: If you need to outfit an entire craft room, you could be looking at spending some serious cash. (However, you could always purchase one unit at a time as you have the funds.)

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Hanging Paper Organizers

I’ve got two different options, each chosen for specific reasons. Both of them are perfect for visual-type organizers who need to see all.the.files at once. 

Whether you are looking to organize scrapbooking papers, student assignments, or important files, the Hanging Wall File Organizer by Hippo Creation is a pocket chart that helps you make the most of your space.

This pocket organizer is available in several sizes and allows you to hang your paper organizer on the back of the door so it doesn’t take up desktop, drawer, or floor space.

Pro: It comes with over-the-door hangers and is machine washable.

Con: It should be used with file folders — which are sold separately! — because papers by themselves will not stand up straight and will bend due to shallow pockets.

Need a multi-functional wall organizer? Then this letter-size Smead Cascading Wall Organizer is going to be your new best friend.

Made of durable polypro with 6 removable folder pockets, this hanging paper organizer is designed to collapse into a portable transportation solution.

Pro: The clear front pocket is especially handy for charts, checklists, or calendars.  

Con: Although this has an integrated hanging loop, it does not come with any kind of hook. You will have to provide your own secure hanger that can handle the potential weight of a full organizer. 

Paper Organizer Drawers

If you prefer your papers to be out of sight, out of mind, the Seville Classics Multipurpose Mobile Rolling Utility Storage Bin Cart allows you to keep your papers in drawers so you don’t have to see them taking up space on your desk.

It’s also on wheels, so you can easily move it around the room if needed and lock it in place if you don’t want it to move. With seven different color options ranging from translucent to rainbow, you’re sure to find the color option that best suits your needs.

Pro: This organizer is easy to assemble. 

Con: Drawers can turn into a catch-all where you hide papers instead of organizing — proceed with caution. 😉  

Desktop Paper Organizer

If you are looking for something smaller that fits right on your desktop, the SimpleHouseware 6-Tray Desk Document File Organizer is a compact solution. 

It also includes a sliding tray at the bottom for keeping pens, sticky notes, staplers and other office supplies handy so that you don’t need an extra drawer or pen holder on your desk.

Pro: Shelves are slightly slanted upward to keep papers from falling out of the organizer.

Con: It is only available in black or silver metal mesh and it’s limited to six shelves; five if you use the drawer for office supplies.

Miscellaneous Paper Organizing Ideas

Not all papers are confined to the craft room or home office. Here are some ideas for other areas of the home and for organizing papers that need to be portable.

Paper Mail Organizer

If you’re looking for an organizer for your mail, the Desk Mail Organizer by wishacc is a super-simple but useful choice.

Though a lot of companies are offering paperless billing services, most people still receive mail every day. Being able to sort out important bills, magazines, coupons, newspapers, and junk mail in a nice paper mail organizer helps to keep your table in the entryway clean and organized.

Pro: The simple design makes it easy to slide paper mail in and out, and the different slots allow you to divide papers by size.

Con: The black metal mesh design may not match with homier décor.

Expanding File Paper Organizer

If you need a compact paper organizer that you can carry with you, check out the Amazon Basics Expanding Organizer File Folder

With 13 pockets that can be individually labeled to help you easily identify each pocket’s contents, you won’t have to rummage through a stack of papers when you need something in a rush.

Pro: The organizer material is waterproof and tear-resistant to help protect your important papers on the go.

Con: It can expand to hold up to 900 pages, but becomes difficult to carry and quite heavy before reaching that many pages.

Countertop Paper Organizer

Sometimes you just need a cute and decorative paper organizer to set on your countertop that everyone will see. 

The Blu Monaco White Wooden Mail Organizer has a nice rustic artsy vibe to it that makes for a cute addition to your kitchen, and it will help to keep any papers you might normally toss on the counter neat and organized in one place.

Pro: It has two slots for standard size papers and three smaller sections that can be used for pens, notepads, and receipts.

Con: At just 12.25” x 7” — it doesn’t take up that much space, but it also doesn’t provide much room for organizing papers. You are limited by the number of slots that fit standard papers.

Portable Organizer For Papers

Winning at organizing your papers and ideas just got easier! The 24 Pocket Poly Project Organizer is probably just about the niftiest thing ever when it comes to projects and on-the-go paper organizing. 

This poplypro organizer features a clear front pocket (think of the cute covers you can create!) and each interior pocket can hold 20 sheets of 8.5×11″ paper — although I wouldn’t recommend trying to stuff it completely full. 

Label the 1/3-cut tabs, throw some pens and binder clips in the pouch attached to the back cover, and you’re ready to work anywhere!

Pro: The larger-diameter spiral binding allows you to comfortably fill the pockets with more papers than some other brands while still being able to close the organizer.

Con: The pockets are open at the top, which means there is the potential for your papers to fall out and scatter if you drop or tip the organizer.

More Ways to Organize Paper

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Start Organizing Your Papers Today

If you want to organize your kitchen counter, keep your desktop looking clutter-free and clean, organize your scrapbooking papers, or keep your papers handy for commuting or working away from home, there is a paper organizer for you.

Look at your space and the purpose for why you need a paper organizer to help you figure out which one works best for you, then start organizing!

You’ve got this!

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