25 Creative Writing Prompts About Love

When it comes to creative writing prompts, love is definitely one of the most popular topics. From first love to love that’s forbidden, there are thousands of stories that can be told. In this blog post, we’ll explore some creative writing prompts about love.

This collection of love story ideas along with some of my other creative writing prompts for adults will help get your creative mind going and your pen moving.

Select one of the love writing prompts below to get started!

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What Is Creative Writing About Love All About

I love creative writing as a step beyond journaling. There’s nothing like getting deep into a story of your own creation. If your intentional living goals include expanding your creativity or perhaps earning a living from writing, then daily creative writing is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

When it comes to creative writing prompts about love, there are endless possibilities. They can be serious or humorous, specific or vague.

Love is a mysterious and powerful emotion. It can make people do crazy things, and it often inspires creative works of art. 

Love can make people feel happy and euphoric, as if they’re floating on a cloud. It can also make them feel sad and desperate, as if they’re losing their grip on reality. Love can be passionate and exciting, or it can be calm and reassuring.

Often, we want love more than anything else in the world, and it would be incredible to find someone who wanted you just as much as you do them. That’s why creative writing about true love is such a treat — it allows us to explore the depths of our fantasies through creative contexts.

No matter what form it takes, love is always fascinating. Creative writing about love can explore all of its different aspects and emotions. It can also explore the different ways that love can affect people’s lives.

Whether you’re exploring the joys of falling in love, the heartache of a broken relationship, or simply celebrating the power of love, these prompts can help you unlock your creative potential.

Tips For Writing Creative Stories About Love

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When it comes to creative writing, love is one of the most common topics to explore.

Love is one of the most complex and powerful emotions that humans experience. It can be a source of great happiness, but it can also cause tremendous pain. When writing about love, it’s important to capture all of its nuances and complexities.

Whether you’re writing flash fiction, a novel, or a short story, here are a few tips for writing creative stories about love:

1. Start by exploring the different stages of love, from the initial excitement and infatuation to the deep and lasting love that can withstand time and trials. Capture the emotions and experiences of each stage in your story.

2.  The best creative love stories are the ones that describe the experience of falling in love. You can do this by describing feelings, sensations, and images. For example, you might write about how it feels when you first see your loved one or when they touch you. You could also describe what they look like or sound like to help deepen the reader’s understanding of the love.

3. Don’t be afraid to explore different kinds of relationships, including those that many people consider taboo or strange. For example, you could write a creative story about a woman falling in love with her best friend’s husband. In creative writing prompts about love, you have creative license to explore anything and everything!

4. Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with different writing styles. Sometimes the most creative stories come from taking risks and trying something new!

Creative Writing Prompts About Love

1. A woman is obsessed with a male celebrity she sees on late-night talk shows, not realizing he’s the same man who lives in her condo building.

2. A woman gets dumped by her long-term partner but refuses to accept it’s over, continuing to walk around with all their photos, trying to find any moment that could be the cause of the breakup.

3. Two people meet at a protest and despite their drastically different political views, they hit it off right away.

4. A man is just about to propose when he learns his girlfriend has been cheating on him. He falls apart emotionally, but gets some extra help from an unlikely source.

5. A woman goes back to school to finish her degree. While she loves learning, she’s having a harder time adjusting to the social scene on campus.

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6. A woman misses her bus stop, then realizes she’s out of cash, so she starts walking. She passes a coffee shop and through the window sees someone who looks just like her ex-boyfriend. What happens next?

7. A woman is dating someone completely wrong for her, but at the same time, their relationship is the most exciting and passionate one she’s ever had. She starts to wonder if maybe they aren’t so bad together after all.

8. A man and a woman meet at a grocery store and fall in love over the course of several trips to the market.

9. A man who’s been on a streak of bad luck at work meets a woman with the same name as his ex. He begins to believe that she is his soulmate.

10. A betrothed woman falls in love with one of her father’s servants, but her family doesn’t approve. Her father decides to send her away so she can be ‘cured,’ but the servant sneaks into the carriage and hides inside. Will they escape together?

11. A man falls asleep on the train one day and wakes up at his stop with no memory of who he is. A woman helps him on his journey to uncovering the truth, and they fall in love along the way–but what happens when he finally does remember?

12. A young woman is struggling to find a job, so she joins an agency that will help her land the perfect position. But as time goes by and nothing seems to be working out, she starts to fall for the agent who has been assigned as her personal advisor.

13. A woman and a man go on a date and hit it off perfectly, but the woman is haunted by the feeling that she’s seen him before. Have they known each other in a previous life?

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14. A woman gets lost wandering through Venice after breaking up with her boyfriend. She meets a man who insists that she’s come full circle, back to him.

15. Write about a woman who falls in love with an actor’s voice when she listens to their acting reel over and over again while doing menial tasks around the house.

16. Two pen pals writing for years and years fall in love without ever meeting face-to-face.

17. A woman who grew up in a commune falls in love with a man from outside their world whom she meets at a coffee shop one day.

18. Two dancers perform on stage while falling in love with one another during their act. They never speak to each other, but know they were meant for each other through their creative dialogue on stage.

19. A woman and a man meet one another on vacation and share a magical experience together, but they go home without exchanging contact information. When the woman returns to the location years later she learns that her soulmate is there waiting for her once more.

20. Two people who have been married for decades wake up one day and realize they don’t love each other anymore.

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21. A woman takes some medication that she thinks is for depression but it actually works as a love potion.

22. In a dystopian future where love is outlawed, a woman gets caught up in the underground resistance and learns about love from those living on the down-low.

23. A man and a woman who have been bickering with each other for years start to fall in love as they discover more about one another.

24. A man doesn’t believe he can ever be loved, so he sets out to find proof that someone will care for him one day by asking 50 strangers if they’d consider dating him.

25. Write about a woman who travels back in time and meets the man she will fall in love with centuries later.

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What Tools Do You Need For Creative Writing

What creative writing tools do you need to make the most of these love writing prompts?

One of the most important tools for creative writing is a creative writing notebook. This is where you can write down your ideas, brainstorm, and plan out your projects. Whether you are writing a creative story, novel, or script — your best tool is your notebook.

Many writers have about three to five projects going on at one time in their notebooks. To keep things organized, you can have several notebooks or one refillable journal like this one from Ox And Pine with several smaller notebooks within.

Another tool that every writer should have in their creative writing arsenal is your favorite pens and pencils. While everyone prefers a different ‘feel’ when it comes to writing instruments, I really like Frixion pens because they’re erasable.

A computer is also a very important creative writing tool. To help their focus, some people even use an older computer that can’t connect to the internet. However, most people use online programs like Google Docs or Scrivener for their creative endeavors.

If you’re a verbal storyteller, a voice-to-text app like otter.ai is invaluable. It can sync across all of your devices and is pretty good at transcribing most words correctly.

Other essentials for creative writing include a cup of coffee or tea, snacks, imagination, and an open mind. The right kind of creative writing tools will boost your enjoyment of the process along with your creative writing powers. 😉

Concluding Thoughts About Love And Creative Writing

Love is a creative force. It can inspire or destroy, and it’s up to us how we harness its power in the creative process. In this blog post, we’ve explored creative writing prompts about love that will help you tap into your own creativity.

Now… choose a prompt and start writing!

You’ve got this! 

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