The Simple Refrigerator Command Center You’ll Actually Use

IN THIS POST: I’ll show you my easy refrigerator command center made with just a few Amazon picks — perfect for families who are tired of their messy refrigerator doors!

This command center is so simple and really helps keep my family organized! It’s made with just a few Amazon picks -- perfect for families who are tired of their messy refrigerator doors AND who want organized made easy! #commandcenter #organizing
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Setting up a fridge command center doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t have to be a DIY expert either. All it takes is some simple paper organizing tools.

Let’s remake the front of your messy fridge! This is an overview of my actual command center, which has stayed pretty much the same for the past several years.

That’s how I know it works. 😉  

So let’s get to it! Here’s how I ended up with a command center on my refrigerator, and how you can create your own…

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Why I Chose a Non-Digital Command Center

Let’s face it — not everyone wants to go all-digital. Despite the fact that my family has smartphones, we realized that we still need physical, visual reminders.

Sometimes we don’t turn on our phones or computers.

Some family members aren’t the most tech-savvy and flat-out refuse to use all the apps and calendars available.

Some (*cough*me*cough*) need to constantly see the big picture — #allthethings.

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The Evolution of the Refrigerator Command Center

Ready to clean up the front of your refrigerator and organize your life at the same time? This easy command center is for you! Click through to read how to use just one product to make a simple and effective command center… #homeorganizing #commandcenterIsn’t the fridge supposed to be full of the kids’ artwork, school papers, random photos, and a million other bits and pieces of paper all precariously held in place by a few overloaded magnets?

Sure… if you like picking up the avalanche every time someone accidentally sweeps everything off.

We lived that way for years. I got tired of maintaining all the clutter.

Then two things happened…

Our old fridge died.

And the new-to-us fridge we got had a small dent in one of the otherwise smooth and shiny black doors.

We had already decided this fridge was going to stay clutter-free. We all agreed not to make it messy, and the easiest way to do that was to not put anything on it.

But what to do about the dented front? It bothered me constantly (and a replacement door was ridiculously expensive).

Plus we were losing track of things, because even the previous cluttered fridge-front mess was sort of useful. I mean, everyone looks at the refrigerator at least a couple of times a day, right? It’s the perfect spot to keep everyone informed.

I went searching for a solution, and this is what I found…

How to Create the Command Center

It was time to create a refrigerator command center, and Amazon had the perfect products.

Clear 8-1/2″ x 11″ magnetic pockets!!! Yes, they really are fabulous enough to deserve three exclamation points. 😉

I stuck 4 pockets on the fridge, and I knew this was going to be exactly what we needed.

Here’s a photo of how I arrange the pockets on my refrigerator. (Apologies for my terrible photos.)

layout for refrigerator command center and calendar

It’s super-easy to check things off or make notes on the front of the pockets with wet-erase markers. Wet-erase are less smudgy. 😉 

In the photo, you’ll notice there’s a calendar off to the side, hanging on a hook. This is what works for us. We rarely open that little door, so having the calendar in that spot works out perfectly.

My husband and sons check it once or twice a day, which keeps everyone in the loop about upcoming events and appointments. Here is how we keep track of those things:

calendar with large spaces for sticky notes - located next to refrigerator command center

Why do we use sticky notes? Ummm… because sometimes people would write things directly on the calendar and press so hard that when we turned the page to the next month, that same event looked like it was happening again.

It got confusing, and it sort of drove me nuts. So I went all control-freaky and said nobody was allowed to write anything on the calendar except me. Yeah, that got old… not to mention it was a pretty ridiculous rule to impose on my family.

Anyway… this year I got this nice BIG calendar and the squares are the perfect size for small sticky notes. Now, all we have to do is write something on a note and stick it on the calendar. Everyone can add things, and it’s great when appointment dates change… just move the sticky note or make a new one.

If you don’t have an open space next to the fridge for a calendar, use one of the clear pockets on your refrigerator door. You can easily print out a pretty set of calendar months for the entire year and store all 12 pages in the pocket.

Oh, And What to do With the Kids’ Art?

Get some of these front-access frames and create a gallery. Then you can quickly switch the pieces out whenever you want.


Visit my Amazon store for additional refrigerator command center picks and many more home and life organizing products. I love that we can separate our picks into themed lists now… it’s so much easier for you to browse!

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Creating a home organizing command center doesn’t have to be expensive or take a lot of DIY skills. If a magnet will stick to your refrigerator door, then you can set up your own customized command center in just a few minutes. Click through to learn how… #organizing #homeorganizing

5 thoughts on “The Simple Refrigerator Command Center You’ll Actually Use”

  1. Looks very useful. We have a magnetic shopping list on the fridge door and use separate pages for the grocery store, target, and trader joe’s. So when anyone says we’re out of something or they want something, I say, “Put it on the list!” Really helps when I am making up a full list for shopping.

    Thanks for the great ideas!


    Book By Book

  2. I love it! The side of my fridge is at the doorway to the dining room, so I have that huge canvas. For our calendar, we colour code for each family member, so everyone knows who is where. LOVE the idea of sticky notes though!

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