Journals, Binders and Planner Recommendations

Welcome to the Filling the Jars recommendation page for Planners and Journals. I also list products I use for assembling binders — either to use as a planner or for organizing household papers and project information. At the bottom of this page, you’ll find a list of further useful websites.

Organize your time and your life with these binder accessory and planner recommendations, plus journals for when you're ready to get your thoughts and feelings out on paper. Click through to check it out...

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Journals, Planners and Accessories:

Tools4Wisdom Planner – After seeing how popular this was with readers here at Filling the Jars, I purchased one to use for a year and loved it!

Small sticky notes – These 1.5″x2″ (approx. size) sticky notes are just the right size for organizing and task-blocking your days in your planner.

Fine-line markers – If you love to use different colors in your planner, these fine-line markers are worth trying! 


Frixion erasable pens – These are my favorite pens right now. I use them multiple times a day and LOVE that they are erasable! Take note that if you set something hot on what you’ve written or leave your papers in a hot car, the ink will disappear. Placing the paper in the freezer will (mostly) bring the color back.

Slide-in plastic bookmarks for spiral bound planners or notebooks. I use these in my hardcover spiral-bound planner and they work great! They are large, and they would NOT work for anything smaller than a full-size spiral-bound notebook or medium-size hardcover planner. 

Erin Condren LifePlanner – This hugely popular planner has tons of accessories and customizations available to create a completely personalized planner. 

Plum Paper Planner – These planners are extremely popular with women in my Facebook groups. The ME version offers extra customization features.

My Happiness Journal by Michele M. Cook – Michele has been blogging about happiness for years, and she created this paperback journal to help readers get started with happiness journaling. Book description: 365 journal entries to help you increase your happiness each day. Journal prompts and a different happiness quote each day put you on your path to happiness. In addition to daily entries, a getting started section, a mid-year review and a year end review will help you discover the gains you have made this year. ~ 365 Journal Entries ~ 8 1/2 x 11 perfect bound journal will make it easy for you to write and review your entries. ~ Getting started, Mid-year review and Year end review give you a clear direction to follow. ~ Daily journal prompts give you a positive way to chronicle your daily journey. ~ A different happiness quote each day gives you a positive starting point to your day.

snap-in bookmark for plastic coil notebook or planner
This snap-in bookmark is great for keeping your place in spiral-bound notebooks and plastic-coil planners. The bookmark I received looks different than the Amazon photo, but it’s still pretty and fits plastic coils very well.


Binders and Accessories:

Binders – Avery heavy duty one-touch EZD view binders. I use several 2” binders for organizing blogging and daily household items and 3” binders for organizing recipes, Elite Blog Academy materials, and household product operation manuals, etc.

Monthly dividers – perfect for visually representing 3-month chunks for goal-achieving purposes.

“Pretty” dividers – With insertable tabs — a little expensive, but the two sets I purchased make my Elite Blog Academy binder look so nice!

“Wide” dividers – With insertable tabs, wide enough to show even when using page protectors in your binder.

Binder snap-in bookmarks – I just discovered these and love them for marking my places in my blogging and personal binders!

Page protectors – I mostly use these for recipe binders and to hold appliance manuals. “Regular” for things like recipes & “multi-page” for thicker appliance manuals.

3-hole punch – I print a lot of things to go in my binders, and not all of them belong in sheet protectors. A good easy-to-use paper punch helps me actually get the things I print where they belong – in a binder, not a pile!

Pens – I’ve found that when writing by hand, it REALLY helps to use a pen that writes smoothly — pens that scratch or skip drive me crazy. My favorites are Pilot G-2 07 for a bolder line and Pentel RSVP Medium for a finer line.

Highlighters – Even though I hate how printer ink smears a bit when highlighted, I still find myself using them on hand-written notes, daily planner sheets, etc. I like this Bic brand because they feel good in my hand.

Sticky notes – Honestly, I’ve tried to get away from using sticky notes, but I just love them! My favorites are the bright colors. If I’m using a sticky note, it’s because I really want to notice it

Pocket dividers – These are amazing. I first read about them in the book The Sunday Basket. Unfortunately the book is no longer available, but basically you use these pockets to ‘file’ your papers for quick access during the week. And it works splendidly!


Websites you may find useful:

I Heart Planners – – Laura has many free printables on her site.

Scattered Squirrel – – Alli also has TONS of free printables.


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