27 Truly Easy Things To Declutter This Week

We all have areas of stuff that we know we should declutter, but we never seem to find the time or energy. In this blog post, I’m going to share 27 easy things to declutter for quick wins to help your life feel more organized.

Sort through the piles on the kitchen counter or near the front door. Recycle or shred what you don’t need and organize the remaining items so they’re easy to find later. Use some of these paper organizing tools or 3 ring binders.

1. Miscellaneous Papers

This doesn’t have to be a deep kitchen declutter. Just spend a few minutes at a time in each area and get rid of the ‘no-brainer’ things you NEVER use, things that are broken, etc.

2. Kitchen Stuff

Donate, toss, or recycle: 1. Old mobile phones 2. VHS and CD players if you only stream movies now 3. Toys that are broken or no longer age-appropriate

3. Tech & Toys

It’s easy to accumulate a bunch of loose items that just pile up when you spend a lot of time driving! Take care of it now by sorting through everything, getting rid of anything unnecessary, and organizing what remains so there’s easy access to it in the future.

4. Your Car

These areas can quickly edge into sentimental territory, so keep it simple and straightforward. You’re decluttering trash or items that won’t ever be used or worn again.

5. Personal Items

Decluttering is a very personal process and your exact method/results will depend on your needs and perspective. The best way to know what works best for you is to try the simplest methods first. You can always do more intense decluttering once you feel like you’re having some success.

Keep your decluttering sessions short to avoid decision fatigue. 10 items or 10 minutes a day is a great start. Use a timer!