How To Declutter Unwanted Gifts

Instead Of Shoving Them Into A Closet {Again}

We all know how hard it can be to figure out how to declutter gifts — especially when the guilt kicks in!

Why We Need To Practice Gift Decluttering

No matter how bad that gift really is, our emotions and guilt over letting it go can overwhelm us.

We end up turning into The Keeper Of The Things. We become burdened by too many things that don’t bring us any kind of joy or happy memories. It's time to let go...

1. Begin with the 'easier' gifts

Immediately let go of any gifts that may threaten the health or safety of you or your family.

2. Ask yourself why the person gave you a gift

You may realize there were no sentimental feelings on their part, which makes letting go easier.

3. Set a decluttering limit

Limit how many gifts you declutter at any one time. This way you only deal with as much as feels manageable for you.

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