7 Pieces of Timely Advice to Help You Stop Worrying

If I ask you what you mean by worry, chances are that you can’t put a proper definition into words but the fact is that you know only too well what you and I mean by worry. Words like anxious, fidgety, nervous, afraid, upset and concerned come to mind.

1. Think about what is making you worried and try to address it.

The long and short of the story is that I weighed up the pros and cons of the situation (leaving versus staying) and when I finally decided to give it up and handed in my notice, I had the best sleep ever in years!

2. Try naturally calming treatments.

There are other natural remedies for calming us. The use of yoga and essential oils come to mind. I haven’t got much experience with yoga and essential oils but my friends swear by them that they help to calm you and I believe in them. Lavender oil is said to be really good.

3. Talk it through.

Try to help a friend talk through something that is concerning them. You can literally see them beginning to relax. The same will happen to you when you share what you are going through.

4. Indulge in one of your great passions.

It also helps if you try to teach others your craft as this takes even more concentrated effort which will get your mind off ‘stuff’ for longer. Getting involved in some type of activity for you helps to re-energise you. If you are running on empty, you have nothing to give!

5. Turn to your faith.

I always keep these texts in mind for when I need to encourage someone else. Isn’t it amazing that the help that is given to me in my time of need, I can use to help someone else! Life can be amazing like that.

Worry is real. You and I know it only too well. Now you know that there are lots of things that you can do to minimise and even get rid of unnecessary worry. Choose something and try it. Start off simple with something near to the top of the list and work your way through if things don’t get better.