Why Is It So Hard To Declutter?  9 Reasons We Stand In Our Own Way

I’m sharing some common reasons why decluttering is so hard for people to accomplish. Ready to get to work? Use my decluttering tips and today’s information to help you stop standing in your own way so you can get the job done.

I have found that journaling is really helpful for taking negative thoughts and turning them into positive or supportive statements.

1. Negative Mindset

If you’re feeling suffocated or stressed by your clutter, listen to THAT and make some changes so that you actually feel relaxed and stress-free in your own home.

2. Social Pressure

Feeling overwhelmed about decluttering is, at its heart, caused by poor decision-making skills.

3. Feeling Overwhelmed

Another way that some people tend to feel guilty centers around gifts and inherited items. They feel guilty that they may seem ungrateful for not wanting those items.

4. Guilt About Getting Rid Of ‘Good Stuff’

Now knowing how to get rid of stuff is the kiss of death for decluttering. Without a plan, you’ll probably leave it sitting somewhere in your house and it’ll just stay there, adding to your clutter. Make a plan ahead of time about how you’ll get rid of your stuff. How, where, and when will you donate it? If you plan to sell it, set a deadline — then if you miss that deadline, you donate it with no debate or resistance.