Tips To Declutter In A Weekend: How To Accomplish The Improbable

True decluttering is not a quick or easy process. I really hate those posts that promise you can easily declutter your entire .

house in one weekend. Because the truth is that if you’re able to do that, then you probably don’t really have a clutter problem

Decluttering Regret

When you attempt to declutter your home in a weekend, what you’re essentially doing is a massive declutter in a rapid time period. That means that you’re more likely to just dump anything and everything into the trash or donation pile in an effort to get rid of your extra stuff quickly.

Doesn’t Address The Root Issue Of The Clutter

Just going through and donating or tossing nearly every item in the trash doesn’t really address the problem of how or why the clutter accumulates in the first place. As a result, you’re more likely to end up right back in the same exact place in a few months.

No Time Left To Organize

Decluttering ISN’T organizing, but they do go hand in hand for long-term success. Once you declutter, the next part of the step is to put organizational systems into place to help you stay decluttered and organized for the long term.

If reading this and thinking about letting anyone else see or touch your piles of stuff is enough to make your chest hurt, then this ‘declutter in a weekend’ thing is NOT for you at this point in time.

However, decluttering is also one of those things that if you put it off, the job only gets worse. You don’t need to declutter your entire house in a weekend, but you CAN go ahead and get started with the slow decluttering method (or any other method that fits you and your life).