The Simple Refrigerator Command Center You’ll Actually Use

Let’s remake the front of your messy fridge! This is an overview of my actual command center, which has stayed pretty much the same for the past several years.

Let’s face it — not everyone wants to go all-digital. Despite the fact that my family has smartphones, we realized that we still need physical, visual reminders.

Why I Chose a Non-Digital Command Center

Clear 8-1/2″ x 11″ magnetic pockets!!! Yes, they really are fabulous enough to deserve three exclamation points.

How to Create the Command Center

I stuck 4 pockets on the fridge, and I knew this was going to be exactly what we needed.

In the photo, you’ll notice there’s a calendar off to the side, hanging on a hook. This is what works for us. We rarely open that little door, so having the calendar in that spot works out perfectly. My husband and sons check it once or twice a day, which keeps everyone in the loop about upcoming events and appointments. Here is how we keep track of those things:

Why do we use sticky notes? Ummm… because sometimes people would write things directly on the calendar and press so hard that when we turned the page to the next month, that same event looked like it was happening again.