Stop Thinking and Start Doing: A Goal Setting Starter Plan

Sometimes productivity articles from super-accomplished people can be a little depressing. While we rejoice in the fact that there are people who are out there “crushing it,” we overthinkers feel like we will never catch up.

When you’re done, move the little tasks to a separate list. Block time daily or weekly to knock out a few of these at a time, but don’t let them distract you right now. If you leave them on your “big things” list, they will take your focus off your main goal.

How do you know what’s most important? Simply put, it’s the thing that bothers you all the time — the goal or task that your mind dwells on no matter what else you are doing. This is THE ONE THING you will work on.

It’s tempting to make a priority goal for each section of your life. But if you do that, you’re going to be right back where you started — overwhelmed and unable to make a decision or get anything done.

Now, break your ONE goal into actionable steps. You’re not writing a how-to volume here. Just spend 10 minutes to work out the basics. You can always break it down more as you’re working.

Don’t get caught up in the “first I need to…” procrastinating actions that will push the actual beginning of working toward your ONE THING off for hours, days, or weeks.