More Than 1064 Journal Writing Prompts

Let’s talk about: 1. Why you should journal 2. How to find time 3. Different ways to journal 4. Where to find the best journal writing prompts

Journaling is like a brain dump with purpose. Get all of that extra stuff out of your head so you can be more organized, productive, and present. While a brain dump is often just a list of tasks, journaling ventures into the areas of thoughts, dreams, and stuff we might hesitate to put on a task list.

If you’re a “regular” writer or blogger, try beginning your day with a writing session sparked by a creative journal writing prompt. Spend 15 minutes or so writing as quickly as possible about something that may have nothing at all to do with what you’re planning to write for “work.”

Ways to Use Writing Prompts Pen to paper – Whether writing in a formal journal or in a simple notebook, the hand-eye coordination required to write by hand can be an important part of the writing process for some people. Plus, it’s ultra-portable.

Ways to Use Writing Prompts Computer – This is my favorite because I type MUCH faster than I write by hand. It’s so easy to open a Word doc or Google doc and just start letting the words fly. The only drawback is that I prefer a regular keyboard, which means no journaling on the desktop when I’m out and about.

Ways to Use Writing Prompts Speaking – You can use a speech-to-text program to speak your thoughts and then save them as writings for future review. My favorite app is, which syncs across all of my devices and is easy to copy/paste into document form.