“Little Money” Saving + Earning Ideas: Easily Stash $1000+ Every Year

I discovered that I could easily set aside at least $1000/year without even noticing or really making much extra effort in my daily activities. With the increasing number of online opportunities now available to help you save and earn, the possibilities are even greater!

Set a Goal

Speaking of goals, you will never get anywhere if you don’t have one. You might do a few of these things for a few weeks, but then you will blow what you’ve saved on going out to eat. Don’t do that.

Save and Earn

This is my favorite way to stash money in savings! Round every deposit down to the nearest $5 and every expenditure up to the nearest $5. It takes almost no time and for me it adds up to about $45 every month that goes straight into savings.

Picking up and returning cans

With Michigan’s 10¢ deposit law, cans & bottles are pretty valuable. We live on country roads where a lot of people toss empty cans out of their car windows. A short walk can yield quite a few cans.

Hanging laundry

Some people do like hanging laundry, loving the decreased wear and tear on their clothing and the positivity of using fewer resources. If you’re one of those people, kudos to you! *high five* I’m not, and using my dryer is something I was crazy-happy to do when propane prices decreased. But when I did hang laundry, I paid myself .25/load, which came out to about $10/month.

Rolling coins

When you pay with cash, never use your coins, only paper money. Stash those coins & roll them when you have enough. (My bank gives out free coin roll papers on request.) I have heard some banks charge you a fee to deposit rolled coins, which is ridiculous. If your bank does this, find a new one.