How To Start Morning Creative Writing for More Productive Days

There’s no doubt about it, getting up earlier in the morning can transform your whole day. Doing something like morning creative writing — even as little as writing 500 words while practicing creative journaling exercises — is a great way to use that time.

1. Set a time when you feel comfortable waking up. Turning your writing time into a bit of a self-care ritual gives it importance, makes it something you can look forward to doing for yourself… which makes getting up earlier much easier.

How To Start Morning Creative Writing

2. Find a place where you can write - a comfortable spot inside where you can write or type easily will help you to concentrate.

How To Start Morning Creative Writing

3. Get into the creative flow You might want to start with journal writing prompts or creative journal topics. You don’t actually NEED writing prompts to start writing, but they can help spark your creative thoughts.

How To Start Morning Creative Writing

The short answer is No! The longer answer is because this is all about you, your mind, what you want to write about, and how you can transform your morning habits to change your life.

Are There Any Rules When It Comes To Your Writing?

It’s vitally important that we take some time for ourselves on a regular basis. Being an overthinker, I know exactly how it feels when everything gets to be too much. The overwhelm can take hold and it can feel like any little thing is all-consuming.

How Can Morning Creative Writing Help You?