How to Organize a Small Master Closet

Do you constantly feel like closet space is an issue? Our home is fairly small by today’s standards, which means I had to perfect the art of how to organize a small master closet.

Anything that you haven’t worn in a year, doesn’t fit, or needs repair can go. Seriously, if you haven’t gotten it fixed by now, you probably won’t ever get it done.

1. Declutter the clothes that don’t work for you.

I know — you’re probably thinking about the vacuum and other things I said were in my closet. For most of those items, my closet is the best place — easy to access yet behind closed doors.

2. Evaluate any non-clothing items you may be storing.

I already had some wire shelves, so I installed them in the most reasonable way to fit my clothing, creating a 2-tier hanging system with space at one end of the closet for longer clothes like pants.

3. Purchase a custom closet organizing system or create your own.

After eliminating nonessential clothing and improving my sloppy laundry habits, I’ve found that it’s really awesome to be able to open my closet and see all of my available clothing in one small but organized space.

4. Account for your habits.

If you dress in layers or live in climates without temperature extremes, you can wear most of your clothing year-round. You can probably keep everything you wear right in your closet.

5. Store off-season clothing only if absolutely necessary.

You will have to work at keeping a small master closet organized, but the results are definitely worth the effort of learning how to organize clothes in a small space. Remember, you don’t always need bigger if you can make BETTER work for you!