Five Inexpensive Ways to Love Your Home

 I have learned so much about ways to make it a place I can enjoy. You can visit my Pinterest Home Decor board here — it’s where I keep my main inspiration pins. Trust me, even a few changes can make a huge difference in how you feel about your home – and most of them are free!

1. Create a Welcoming Entry

You might not have to begin from the wall studs like we did. Adding a place to sit, a nice boot tray, some hooks for backpacks or coats, a mirror, and table or shelf — you can do all of this with just a little time and not much money. You will feel much better about coming home to a pretty space!

2. Display the Things You Love

This autumn I finally built some shelves to fit the space in our living room that has been screaming for shelves for years. (Screaming silently of course, but I could hear it!) And guess what? Now my books are on the shelves and there is a little bit of quiet in my head. Here is a photo of part of the shelf unit I built.

3. Declutter

Over the years I have managed to purge most of that crap. Sure, there is still some clutter here and there. Every few weeks I will notice an area that needs work. But it’s a lot easier to work on one area instead of feeling overwhelmed by stacks of bins.

4. Move Your Furniture

Don’t be afraid to try something that might seem a little unconventional. You might end up loving it! If you don’t, move it back. No harm, no foul.

5. Build a Fire

One thing I do love about our home is our woodstove, which is our main source of heat. It’s in the living room and can be used like a fireplace. A favorite part of my day is sipping coffee in front of the woodstove every morning while the front doors are open and the fire is really getting going.