Feeling Stuck? Try These 14 Creative Things to Write In a Journal

Sometimes it feels like my brain is stuck in ‘serious’ mode and I can’t seem to make any progress with anything I’m doing. Then I know it’s time to step back and pull in some creative elements to break the logjam — such as using creative-style writing to break those ‘stuck’ thought patterns.

1) Past Present Future Write about each of these prompts for ten minutes — or as long as you want: – Who I Was – Who I Am Today – Who I Want To Be

2) Ten Years from Today Write in the present tense, beginning with where you wake up in the morning. Is there someone beside you? When you step onto your balcony or out your front door, what do you see? How do you spend your day? Include as many details as possible.

3) Literary Inspiration Write about your favorite book. If you have the book on hand, begin your journal entry with a passage from one of the pages. Why do you love it so much? Is it the message, the prose, the characters? Did it provide you with information that changed your life? What makes this book special?

4) ‘What if’ Scenarios Everything that comes out in this session will be creative. It’s kind of like a free write, because you can ask ‘what if?’ about absolutely anything and take it in any direction you want.

To that end, remember that this is YOUR journal. The more you personalize the pages with writings, doodles, stickers or other embellishments, the more you will relate to it. That means you’ll also be more open with your writing and letting your creativity flow through your fingers onto the page.



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