Best Journals for Writing: 6 Top Picks for 2021

It would be a major mistake to think that all journals are created equally. When it comes to the best journals for writing, nothing could be further from the truth! The experience of journaling by hand can be something truly special. 

The Classic If you’re going to be journaling and want to make sure that your notes stand the test of time, this acid-free paper and a halfway decent pen is the way to go!

The (Kinda) Classic This is a good choice if you’re ready to upgrade from the bargain-price wire-bound school notebooks and make your journaling feel a little more special, but you’re not yet sure whether or not a hardcover journal is right for you.

The Refillable Rustic Leather Journal My favorite part? Because it’s refillable with up to 4 individual notebooks, you can customize the way you use it. Think of ALL the journal page styles you might want to use — lined, blank, dot grid, full grid (graph) — and consider the possibilities of mixing and matching different sets of refills in this ONE journal.

The Utility Pick The low-key look and feel of this notebook lets you write in a more free flow kind of state, important if you worry about only filling your more expensive journals with your highest-quality thoughts or ideas.

That said, matching one of the best writing journals from this post to your personal style is sure to make your daily journaling feel like an exceptional experience. The thoughts and ideas you release with every journaling session will be steps toward more intentional living. And what could be more valuable than that?



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