5 Ways Overwhelmed Overthinkers Can Beat Procrastination

What can you do when you’re procrastinating and you’re an overwhelmed overthinker? The tips in this post can give you an extra push to beat procrastination, increase your motivation, and start figuring out how to stop being lazy and accomplish your goals.

1. Get Visual

This could be a physical planner, a calendar, a printable daily planner page, motivational phrases, a vision board — anything you can keep in front of you ALL THE TIME.

2. Reset Your Sense of Time

Now, start thinking about that deadline in hours instead of days or weeks. According to the Psychological Science article mentioned above, by changing your thinking in this manner, the deadline will feel closer and you will be more motivated to take positive action sooner.

3. Use Technology

Use technology to eliminate distractions. Apps like ColdTurkey, Freedom, or the StayFocusd Chrome extension can help by automatically blocking the websites you designate during the times you choose.

4. Develop Your Finishing Instinct

Do the same thing the next day. And the next… and the next… until it’s habit to ALWAYS finish what you begin.

5. Build Passion

Passion trumps procrastination. I cannot say it any more simply than that. If you do nothing else, you MUST become overwhelmingly passionate about one focus. Preferably something good, ‘kay? Not video games or keeping up with the latest celebrity gossip. Please?

I certainly hope you found a tip or two here that has motivated you to work on beating procrastination. If you have, would you please do two things? 1. Choose a tip to implement RIGHT NOW. 2. Get off the computer and get to work!