5 Daily Creative Writing Exercises You (Probably) Haven’t Seen Before

The more you search the internet for daily creative writing exercises as you explore writing as a creative outlet, the more you begin to think the Internet only has a total of 10 that have been reworded several thousand different ways.

1. Rico Clusters

Rico clusters are closely related to mind mapping. But mind mapping is not specifically tailored to writing. Rico clusters are.

2. Freewriting/ Automatic Writing

To practice freewriting or automatic writing, you sit down with a pen and paper — or a keyboard — and you relax. Then you write the first things that come to mind and you keep going for a set amount of time, or until you fill a set number of pages. It’s vital that you keep the pen moving.

3. Image Streaming

This method taps into the subconscious in a similar way that automatic writing does. Like the fruits of automatic writing, what will be produced by your image streaming sessions will be easy to forget unless you have a way of recording them.

4. Deliberately Defecating on Your Keyboard

Throw your inner critic for a loop and write a few paragraphs of prose in the most trite, cliche, boring, grammatically rancid fashion you can. It’ll hurt like childbirth, but do it anyway.

5. Rolling Dice

If you roll at least twice, you get some interesting juxtapositions. Rolling 2-4 times seems to be the sweet spot.